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**2018 ORDERS OPEN JAN.1...still growing newly planted iris...inventory changes to available list made in March

 **Sept. 4 shipping available for club sales only (normally June 18-July 16)!!

**NEW ADDRESS!!...40 Palomino Road, Vado, NM 88072

**300 CLEARANCE IRIS (2 of the same iris for price of 1!! Buy one, get one)...*shipping paid for both iris

**Free Jedicka intros now at 10% due to low stock


(We can serve the state of MONTANA only on 1 shipping day TBA due to new regulations requiring extra certifications and inspection fees)



*** POM-POM Flounce Pictures ***


SOLD OUT List - updated 01/28/18...list is more easily updated than rest of website

10%, 20% & 30% Discounts + 10% BONUS iris on $50, $100 & $150+ orders...

PayPal will NOT calculate discount so customers get equivalent in more bonus iris

(40% & 50% discounts start FEB 1 on $300 & $500+ orders (no bonus iris & requires average of 3 rhizomes ea.)


...SHIP DATES only 5 weeks of shipping in 2018 [ship weeks (June 18, 25) July 2, 9, 16]

...iris vary on bloom rates & even established iris may not bloom every year (~70-80% bloom 1 year after planting) cards accepted through Paypal only

...Orders processed according to date received (takes about 5-7 days)

...payment is expected shortly after order is processed and confirmed to reserve iris

...NO CANCELATIONS OR REFUNDS given after May 1 to give enough time for resale

...10% CANCELATION FEE for those orders already processed if cancelled before May 1


2-3 Day Priority Shipping/Handling:
1-7 iris.........$11.75
8-15 iris.......$16.75
16-25 iris.......$21.75
26-35 iris.......$27.75
36-45 iris.......$33.75
larger orders....$15.75 + 40 total # iris



- Use buttons to order through Paypal (but with extra bonus iris instead of qualifying discounts)

- Use buttons to make an easy list that is saved even after computer shut down (...listed in order clicked)

- Use to print & mail or copy/paste/e-mail list along with name, phone, e-mail, address, ship weeks (June 26, July 3-17) & bonus/sub list (we help calculate correct total with discounts and shipping).

- Orders are given priority according to order date (not ship date)






    We invite everyone to visit our Family IRIS gardens during bloom season, which is usually about May 25th - June 15th (peak about June 10th) in our weather zone, 4b.  Our family grows and digs our own rhizomes, and we love to offer our customers healthy and hardy rhizomes at low prices (see above for our free bonus iris offers, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and even 50% discounts!). We also GUARANTEE our iris to be true to name (see below).  We raise mostly TB (Tall-bearded) iris, but also have AB (Aril-bred), BB (Border Bearded), & IB (Intermediate Bearded) iris (and a few SDBs: Standard Dwarf Bearded iris).  We especially love iris that are luminatas, broken colors, variegated foliage, caterpillar beards, flatties, and iris with large flounces (Space Agers). We've also had good luck with iris that re-bloom here.  We grow close to 4,500 named iris varieties, not counting our seedlings, so there's more to see than just those listed for sale.


    You can call ahead to check exact iris bloom dates, but no appointment is needed.  Drive on in from dawn to dark any day of the week, and bring your cameras! 


Locating us at Alliance, Nebraska:

    Alliance is in the center of the western NE panhandle at the junction of US Hwy. 385 and State Hwy. 2.  We're 83 miles north of the Interstate 80 interchange at Sidney.  (We're approximately 6 1/2 hours west of Lincoln, NE, 4 1/2 hours northeast of Denver, CO, and 2 1/2 hours south of the Black Hills of South Dakota.)


Locating Our Gardens in Alliance:

    Follow 3rd Street (the main east-west street) on the western end of town.  At the only stoplight intersection between Hwy. 385 and the railroad underpass, turn north on Cody Ave.; go about 6 1/2 blocks (with a trailer court on the west side) until you almost come to the wall of an overpass in front of you (about 100 ft. from it). Our driveway is in the middle of a long windbreak of pine trees on the east side .


Our Guarantee:

   We guarantee our iris to be true to name.  To accomplish this we promise to go to great lengths to PREVENT any errors being sent to you.  We are undergoing an extensive double-checking process where we are photographing all our blooms this year and comparing them to their descriptions.  We have also developed a tracking system where we tag each rhizome as soon as it is dug.   We strive for "Blue J True" quality assurance and customer satisfaction!


Large Volume Orders:

     The A-Z Catalog is marked with a $5.00 price for those varieties we can fill large volume orders with (approx. 25 or more, for example...however, as the year progresses, some may have been already sold).  This is also in indication then, of varieties that are vigorous growers in our zone 4b climate.


Abbreviations & Definitions:

     S-standards (upward petals), StA-Style Arms (inside the standards), F-Falls (downward petals), B-Beards (fuzzy extension on upper falls...can have horns, spoons, flounces-see Space Ager below), Mdrb-midrib (of standards), lt (light), med (medium), dk (dark), ar (around), nar (narrow), grnd (ground or background color), marg (margin), ruf (ruffled), slt (slight), v. (very), lg (large), pron (pronounced), swt (sweet), frag (fragrance)


SA - Space Ager (beards have extensions of either a horn, spoon or flounce)

        Horn (long, pointy extension from beard)

        Spoon (flat, wide end on extension from beard)

        Flounce (ruffled, wide end on extension from beard)

        Pom-poms (very ruffled flounce)

REB - rebloomers (bloom again in the fall)


Plicata - (pattern of dotting or veining over a ground/background color)

Luminata - (lack of purple color on hafts)

Flattie - (no standards, only 6 falls)

Reverse (dark color over a light color)

Self - same color on standards and falls



International Orders:

     International orders are not accepted, sorry.


Contact Us:


Iris Orders or Website

suggestions or questions:


Sheri Arevalo (daughter of Leonard & Kathie Jedlicka)


PO Box 960385,

El Paso, TX 79996

(915) 780-8927






December 2004

 *ALL photos are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of Blue J Iris or the photographer

Blue J Iris, 955 Cody Ave., Alliance, NE, 69301; (308) 762-4420;

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