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2012 Jedlicka Intros




Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 35-36”, M

      Blushing ballerinas in their neat little tutus will perform beautifully in your garden.  Standards are pink heavily ruffled with wide white edges.  Lacy style arms are pink and lavender and white with lavender streaks and purple dots inside the standards.  Roundish semi-flaring falls form medium purple skirts with wide ruffled and pleated light lavender borders.  White ground on shoulders shows off purple veins radiating beside the beard, and a subtle violet-blue stripe bisects the falls.   Dark tangerine-orange beards are long and bright.  There are 7 buds, heavy substance, nice branching, and stalks are not bothered by any wind.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 4-13L2)

 Sing So Softly  X  Lava Moonscape






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 33-34”, L

     This colorful space-age charmer will dance her way into your heart.  Standards are ruffled medium yellow with yellow diamond dust and serrated edges.  Inside the top petals are two-tone yellow style arms amid brown leopard spots.  The beards are pure orange in the throat with consistent deep yellow fuzzy tapered appendages, sometimes tipped with white hairs.  Flaring falls have a wide white area in the center, blending out into lavender-purple with a 1/4” reddish-brown ruffled and serrated border.  Silver diamond dust brightens the yellow hafts which have red-brown stripes.  7 buds have thick substance with good branching and a sweet mild scent.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 6-8A1)

Fruitsation  X  Jeda 4-3M13 [Starship Enterprise x Terryton]






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 34-35”, L

      It’s an eye-catcher that calls you from across the garden with its diamond-dusted day-glo orange ruffles and intense tangerine beards.  The falls are very flaring, with a flash of whitish-yellow below the beard, and a subtle pure yellow stripe goes down the length of the petals.  The yellow grades sideways into bright medium orange ruffled and serrated edges, with a pinkish glow on the shoulders and tangerine-orange stripes on the hafts.  The floriferous plant is outstanding too, with 7 sweetly scented buds of thick substance, good branching, and strong stalks that stand up to wind.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-40W6)

Avalon Sunset  X  Bittersweet Joy






 Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 32-33”, EM

     Here is a ruffled luminata that could serve as a rodeo costume.  The tops are buckskin [beige-tan] with a faint purplish cast, purple veins on the ribs, and narrow frilled bright yellow rims.  Style arms are yellow and white-yellow.  Oval semi-flaring falls are white beside the beards, which are bright orange in the throat, then deep yellow, and light yellow-white on the end.  The rest of the falls are dark reddish-purple with white luminata veins radiating from the center and feminine lacy bright yellow rims.  Hafts have some yellow ground also.  The 8 buds are mostly double-socketed, with good substance, good branching, and a mild sweet smell.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 8-5K2)

Jeda 4-4M3 [Mind Reader  x  Flights of Fancy]  X  Light Up My Life






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 40-42”, EM

      Soft pastel colors make this tall treat a sweet delight.  The nicely ruffled standards are pale pinkish-peach with narrow lacy yellow edges, and style arms are orange with yellow lace.  Falls are white in the center but mostly pineapple-yellow with peachy haft marks.  Beards are bright tangerine red-orange with yellow tip ends.  Healthy sturdy stalks set 8 buds on good branching.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-40T6)

 Peach Fantasy  X  Bittersweet Joy






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 37-39”, M

     This consistent space-ager is a pink version of its peachy half-sister High-Kicking Rockettes that we introduced in 2010.  The very ruffled and laced medium pink standards have styles that are soft coral pink.  The flamingo-pink falls are lighter in the center and orangey at the hafts, and the beards are tangerine-orange.  ½-1” hairy pink horns stand almost vertical.  6-7 sweet-smelling buds appear on nice branching, and the ¾” thick stalks can take any wind.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-58X4)

Glorioso  X  Malaguena





KALI'S KALICO - $12.00


Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 34”, EM

      Here’s a ruffled and fluted luminata named after one of our granddaughters because it looks like a pastel calico pattern.  The standards are pale yellow washed with light pinkish-lavender, and style arms are light yellow and white-yellow.  Round semi-flaring falls have a white ground infused with light purple and pinkish-purple speckled lines radiating outward from the yellow hafts to the pale yellow serrated lace.  Beards start as orange-yellow in the throat, then become yellow and end up with a tip of white.  A stripe of whitish-yellow extends halfway down the falls.  The plant is very floriferous with 7 buds and good branching, but some buds toe in.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 4-6N20)

Bruneau Jasper  X  Fancy Woman






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 34”, M

      This space-age chameleon can look very different at varying light levels.  It has standards of light violet with a pinkish-purple infusion and frilled light violet lace on ruffled and fluted edges.  Very flaring disk-like round falls are light violet-blue with a pearly white-lavender cast that catches the light amid heavily serrated violet-blue lace.  Styles are lavender and bright yellow, and there are yellow stripes on the hafts.  Beards are orange-yellow with consistent ½” fuzzy lavender horns that angle upwards.  6 buds are on so-so branching.  We named LeRoy’s Silverback in honor of LeRoy Meininger, the good friend who taught us to hybridize iris

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 3-32C3)

 Capricious Candles  X  unknown






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 38-39”, EM

      The 3-dimentional velvet is what makes this red special.  The color holds well and doesn’t fade.  Standards are brownish-red with some black velvet, but the broad roundish falls have even more and they look like textured tapestry cloth with the extra shades and sheens.  The falls almost touch at the shoulders and have whitish stripes on the hafts.  Style arms are red-brown and yellow, and the beards have gold tips on red base hairs.  7-8 black buds with nice ruffles, thick substance and a slight sweet smell form on good branches with many stalks.

(Formerly seedling 3-15A4)

Dynamite  X  Red Rider






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 33”, M

     OK, this one takes explaining.  It’s twilight on Christmas Eve, and out of a blinding blizzard emerges . . . Rudolph [the Reindeer]’s Red Nose shining to light the way.  The light lavender-blue blush on the falls fades away in one day, and behold, you have a snowy white iris with a very bright tangerine-red beard.  The ruffled and laced standards are pure white from the start, but the flaring falls soon lose their opening twilight glow and turn white with tan haft veins.  Diamond dust, 7 buds, a mild sweet smell, and nice branching round out the attributes.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-64U5)

 Sings So Softly  X  Lava Moonscape






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 36”, EM

     There's lots of super-ruffles and fluted serrated lace on this breathtakingly beautiful luminata.  Standards are lavender-pink with a yellow-white border and center veins are slightly infused purple.  Lacy lavender-pink style arms have light yellow centers and edges.  Beards are bright yellow in the throat, pale yellow in the middle and then white at the end.  Semi-flaring falls are white around the beards, then have velvety dark purple luminata markings with white-lavender veins, yellow hafts, and a narrow lacy white border.  There is a white stripe from the beard to the center of the fall.  Floriferous plants set 7 sweet-scented buds with great substance on many stalks.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 4-5K50)

 Mind Reader  X  New Leaf






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 33”, EM

      This speckled surprise took over two years to germinate, so we had to rescue it from a throwaway dirt pile and lost track of the original cross.  The ruffled standards are medium peach with a lavender infusion, especially along the ribs.  Styles are peach-orange with a touch of lavender, and beards are orange-tangerine.  Roundish flaring falls are ruffled and fluted, loaded with reddish-purple sprinkles against a white background.  Hafts have a peach ground, and a violet-purple line bisects the lightly diamond dusted falls.  The scent is medium sweet-tart.  Flowers have very good substance with 7-8 buds per stalk and nice branching.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-MX41I18)

[unknown parentage]






 Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 30”, L

     Another wide-awake color from our gardens is this vivid tangerine-orange with ruffles and serrated edges.  The standards have a warm pinkish infusion in the center, and the style arms are pink and orange.  Semi-flaring falls have a slightly darker tangerine-orange stripe that extends down from the bright deep tangerine beards.  7 buds have a very mild sweet smell and good substance.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-MX41G82)

[unknown parentage]






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2012, TB, 36”, L

      This black velvet beauty has good form as well as great color.  The standards are actually a purple-black, but the soft velvet cuts the gloss and makes them look even blacker.  The semi-flaring falls have not a shred of off-color, as black as any flower can be, and the heavy plush velvet shows off their thick substance and the ruffling.  Beards and style arms are deep purple-black, and the scent is sweetly grape-ish.  The healthy plants have 7 buds, good branching, and sturdy stalks.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-33U29)

 Hello Darkness  X  Before The Storm





2010 Jedlicka Intros



Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 29-30”, M

     All the delicate glowing tints of Black Hills gold jewelry are in this flower. The standards are a blend of yellow, pale peach, & light orange, with style arms of pink & yellow. Yellow falls are whiter close to the beards of tangerine-orange with orange-yellow ends. Iridescent orange glitter washes over the shoulders & hafts, giving a soft carnival-glass sheen. The 7-8 buds are greenish-yellow before opening with light ruffles & lace & a sweet fruity smell. Very floriferous plants have fair branching & many stalks.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-26L15)

Bubbling Lace x Penny Lane





DRAMA RAMA - $8.00

Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 32”, VL

      Yellow-beige standards dramatically contrast with the medium rose-violet falls on a very late-blooming iris. It’ll be the last one you see in your garden & extends your season. The centers of the flaring round falls are lighter & bluer, & yellow stripes beam out on the shoulders. Style arms are yellow & lavender with lacy crests. Beards are orange in the throat, turn orange-yellow in the middle, & end with a touch of lavender. Ruffles, super-lace, diamond dust, thick substance, & a light sweet aroma enhance the appeal of the 7 buds on nice branching and stalks.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-2L3)

Funny Girl x Conjuration






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 38”, EM

Introduced through AIS, this consistent Space-Ager has 1/2" fuzzy lavender-pink horns arching upwards from bright tangerine B.  Coral-pink standards have coral, orange, & lavender style arms.  Flaring royal red-purple falls have coral-pink border & orangey stripes on hafts.  Floriferous, healthy plant, with great stalks & branching, 7 buds.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-47V27)

(Norma Jean x Too Sweet) X Coral Pincushion






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 33”, EM

      The ethereal quality of this flower comes from its being a glaciata, lacking purple coloring, allowing the warm colors to glow freely. The semi-transparent petals have good substance & are lightly ruffled & laced. Standards are pale peach-pink, with style arms of pale peach & yellow. Falls are also pale peach-pink, have greenish-yellow by the beard, & are heavily brushed with orange iridescent glitter on the shoulders & hafts. The beards are tangerine in the throat, yellow in the middle, & the end is white. Faint parallel green veins run down the central area of the falls. 6-7 buds appear on nice branches on an OK plant.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-5K27)

Mind Reader x New Leaf






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 33”, M

 This chorus line high-kicker is the best quality spaceager we’ve come up with so far & is 100% consistent here with its ¾ -1” almost vertical appendages. The standards & styles are warm coral-pink, & the tops are somewhat open. The round falls are a blend of white, peach, & pink, with orangey hafts, & bright coral-tangerine beards end in horns kicking straight up, white with lavender & yellow. The 8 buds have very good substance, a light sweet aroma, & are ruffled & laced. Healthy plants feature great branching & perfect stalks.

  (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-57Z1)

Glorioso x Peach Fantasy






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 29”, M

 Here is a consistent spaceager with hyperactive appendages, usually featuring long & arching combinations of lavender spoons, multiple horns, & hairy pink “feathers” at the end of bright pink-tangerine beards. The somewhat open standards are rich pinkish-lavender, edged darker lavender. Flaring falls are light lavender-pink with medium lavender edges & orangey-pink hafts. Style arms are also pink & lavender. 8 buds with diamond dust, nice substance, ruffles, lace, & a mild sweet smell will keep your attention.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-39L8))

Coral Pincushion x Jeda 2-2A6 [Coral Point x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”]






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 31-32”, M

     We’re tickled at the quality of this medium-pink flower with lace & ruffles, diamond dusting, great substance, 7 buds, & double sockets. Round flaring falls are tinted white in the middle, with peach-pink on the shoulders & orangey stripes deep in the hafts. Styles are peach-pink, touched lavender, & the tangerine-pink beards turn deep pink on the end.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-20J3)

Southwest Sandy Pink x Happenstance






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 29-34”, ML

      This is a very classy diamond-dusted iris, with its smooth flowing lines surrounded by ruffles & luxurious super-lace. Standards are medium-lavender & styles are lavender, & the scent is mildly sweet/tart. The opalescent sheen on the flaring falls creates various tones of silvery-lavender, even a pinkish tinge. Beards are orange in the throat, then orange-yellow, and end as silver-white. The 7-8 buds are crowded, but the vigorous fans produce a wall of flowers open at one time.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-29M59)

Laced Cotton x Diamond Lil






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 29-30”, M

   This iris has Mardi Gras colors glowing like a lighted lantern. The outsides of the standards are mostly red-purple, but the insides have red-purple plicata marks against orange-yellow ground. Styles are yellow-orange & red-purple. Slightly narrow falls are lit with orange-yellow ground behind red-purple plicata markings & a strong stripe down the center. The beards are bright orange, as is the wash on the hafts around them. 7-8 buds form on OK branching. The pronounced sweet scent is especially pleasing.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-8J19)

Tiger Honey x King Tush






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 34”, ML

     A very beautiful shimmering jewel in your flower bed, this bloom has standards of pastel pink & style arms of pink with lavender stripes. The falls are a blend of lavender, pink, & silvery-blue pastels with rose-lavender borders & a pinkish pearlescent sheen over all. Bright tangerine beards have occasional horns. 8 buds are ruffled, laced, and diamond dusted, with OK stalks & branching.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-48V22)

Princess Elexis x Coral Pincushion






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 34-38”, EM

Named for Kathie’s red-haired mother & a new baby niece, this is a tribute to Winnie’s Irish heritage. 7-10 blackish buds open up with lightly ruffled wine-red standards & falls, which soon turn rich brownish-red. The beards have lavender bases covered with bright gold hair tips, & the styles are gold with red-purple stripes. The scent is mild but spicy. Good plants have perfect stalks & branching.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 3-5B10.5)

Praetorian Guard x unknown






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 38”, M

These tall dark purple-black irises float higher than most others, like birds gliding in air. There’s black velvet on the semi-flaring falls & dark violet marks beside the blue-purple beards. Styles are dark blue-violet & dark red-violet together. 6-7 buds have double sockets, light ruffles & lace, & a slight sweet scent. The healthy plants boast wide fans & tall straight-up 38” stalks.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-9N19)

Anvil of Darkness x Quite the Same






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 31”, EM

This colorful luminata is lightly laced & ruffled & has 6-7 buds on a good plant with nice branching. The standards are heavily infused light red-purple except for a narrow yellow edge, & style arms are yellow & white. Semi-flaring falls have white ground in the center, covered with medium to dark red-purple luminata markings. Edges & hafts are yellow, & there’s a short white stripe below the beards, which are orange in the throat, bright yellow in the middle, & white on the end. The smell is light & sweet.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-6N20)

Bruneau Jasper x Fancy Woman





Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 31”, EM

 This eye-catching iris is an example of a new color pattern description that we are proposing. Think of a lady’s scarf that goes over her hair & around her face to tie under the chin. Standards’ Color ARound Falls = SCARF. In this case, the standards are warm pink with a lavender infusion, edged peach. The center of the flaring falls are streaked & veined medium red-purple against a lavender-pink ground, (the same color as the standards), which forms a border around the falls. The ground is whiter by the bright tangerine beard; hafts are orangey-peach; & a faint peach stripe goes down the center. Style arms are peach & lavender. Well-ruffled & lightly laced, this charmer has 6-7 buds, fair branching, & nice stalks.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-20X2)

Urgent X Sylvan Smiling






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2010, TB, 36”, M

      Roller-coaster waves on this super-ruffled & laced medium silver-blue look like a wild raft ride through boiling whitewater rapids. Styles are silver-blue, while frothy white beards are hiding orange deep in the throat. 9 buds bedeck these healthy plants with very nice branching & fat ¾” stalks. Lightly sweet-scented.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-51U29)

Delta Blues x Monet’s Blue




2009 Jedlicka Intros



Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, BB, SA 26”, M

      This novelty is a spaceager taken to the extreme. The name, Big Bang Theory, is our speculation as to why the clear yellow standards open so wide to display the tangerine-red speckles deep inside & the yellow style arms with their tangerine bases. The horizontal falls are clear yellow with tangerine-striped hafts. Beards are tangerine, but the real stars are the consistent yellow flounces -- multilayered carnation-like pompoms! The flowers have ruffles, serrated edges, 6 buds, good branching, & show off best viewed from overhead..

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-37K22)

Thor’s Lightning Bolt X Jeda 2-1C3 [Coral Point x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”]






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, 33”, M

This flower opens rich red-brown, turns to a warm medium brown, & then becomes lighter brown with yellow undertones.  All 3 shades go harmoniously together on the nicely-branched plants to make a pleasing display.  Good browns are in demand, & this is a multi-tasker.  There are darker brown whiskers (rays) beside the bright golden-yellow beards, & hafts are striped white.  Brown & gold style arms, 8 buds, & moderate ruffling round out the picture of this earth tone.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-24L25)

Dynamite X Prosperous Voyage






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, 28-30”, M

     Here is our best super-ruffled blue, & it has a crinkled crepe texture which gives it extra dimension.  A medium-tone true blue color, it has blue styles on the standards & has no haft marks on the very flaring falls.  Beards start as orange-yellow deep in the throat but are white on the middle & end.  There are 7 buds, usually 3 open at once, & the plant has great branching.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-51U17)

Delta Blues X Monet’s Blue






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, 28-30”, M

 This gorgeous super-ruffled bloom is pink with light orange edges that are fluted & laced.  The falls are very flaring & paler in the center, accented by bright tangerine beards & warm peach hafts.  Light orange & pink style arms have lacy crests, & the plant features good branching with wide healthy leaves. There are 6-7 buds & lots of bloom stalks, so it makes quite a show.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-22N11)

Urgent X Halo in Peach






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, BB, 24-26”, EM

 This glowing yellow-ground luminata has standards heavily infused medium-tone pink-purple, (lighter near the yellow edges), & lacy bright yellow styles.  The semi-flaring falls are heavily infused red-purple with prominent light yellow vein rays & a narrow bright yellow rim.  The ground is slightly peach around the beards, which are orange-yellow at the end, light orange in the middle, & deep orange in the throat.  There are 6-7 buds, moderate ruffles, and OK branching

  (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-12Y4)

 Fancy Woman X Lip Service






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, SA 30”, ML

      The bright yellow ruffles on this spaceager can’t help but cheer you up from a distance. There are white streaks in the center of the falls, & the style arms are yellow. Beards start as tangerine in the throat, are orange in the middle, & then turn yellow before they arch upwards as fuzzy yellow & white horns. There are 7 buds, & the plant has good branching..

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-27K22)

It’s Magic X Prosperous Voyage






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, SA 31”, M

     This adorable spaceager has light lavender-pink standards & flaring white falls with lavender-pink edges & hafts. Ruffles & super-lace make it dance. Beards are tangerine in the throat, gold in the middle, & white at the end. Consistent lavender & pink appendages are tall, thick, & slightly hairy. The peach-pink style arms sometimes have small horns inside. The flower also features 6-7 buds & good substance, but the branching is poor.. 

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-36K8)

Jeda 2-1C3 [Coral Point x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”] X Jeda 2-14A2 [Jester x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”]






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, 33”, EM

     The tropical color blend inspired this name.  The standards are light orange with centers heavily infused a glowing pink.  Style arms are 2-tone orange.  Semi-flaring rounded falls are a mix of light orange & yellow, with ivory towards the center & yellow-striped hafts.  Beards are bright tangerine in the throat & middle & then yellow-orange at the end.  Other features are 7 buds, good ruffling, serrated edges, & nice branching.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-35W3)

Barbara My Love X Malaguena






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, 31”, M

      As Husker fans, we’ve been saving this name for our best red iris & here it is.  It’s a blocky dark ruby red with purple-black overtones, just like the skin of a ripe Red Delicious apple, (not a brownish red).  Beards are dark red frosted with gold, & style arms are red with touches of purple & gold.  It’s nicely ruffled, with 7-8 buds on well-branched stalks.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 3-15A6)

Dynamite X Red Rider






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, SA 36-38", ML

        A showy spaceager in our favorite color combination, this bloom has standards of pink with lacy pink styles & moderate ruffles.  The semi-flaring falls are a medium-tone purple with white centers, & the hafts are striped red-purple.  Beards are mostly bright tangerine but turn orange at the end.  The appendages are upward-arching fuzzy white horns, sometimes with purple tips reaching up to 1” long.  The plants have 7-11 buds, very healthy fans, & perfect branching.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-62W14)

Somerset Dawn X Jeda 3-2C11 [Conjuration x Twice Thrilling]





PINKITY - $7.00

Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, 40”, M

      Here is our pinkest pink – an unusually saturated deep glowing pink, thanks to pink-gold diamond dust. Style arms are peach-pink, & beards are dark pink with tangerine-pink in the throat. A tiny white mark appears beneath each beard. Ruffling & lacing is moderate, but this bloom is a concentration of pure pinkness. The plants offer 7-8 buds, uniformity, pretty nice branching, & are very floriferous.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-54L7)

Jeda 2-16A8 [Norma Jean x Too Sweet] X Happenstance






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, TB, SA 37”, ML

      Standing next to a clump of this spaceager is like floating among the clouds in the sky.  The fluffy white standards are super-ruffled, & the flaring falls are a pleated lavender-blue.  Styles are white, touched blue & yellow, & the hafts have dark veins on yellow ground, like whimsical tiger stripes.  Beards are orange deep down, orange-yellow in the middle, & yellow at the end.  The consistent appendages are fuzzy light blue 3/8 – ½” horns arching upward.  9-11 buds & good branching round out the resume for this bloom

(Formerly seedling Jeda 5-50X19)

Monet’s Blue X Coral Pincushion






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2009, BB, 24-27”, EM

      Tiger stripes abound here.  The standards are bright golden-yellow with lacy yellow style arms.  The falls have the same ground color but are striped with purple veins & infused purple near the bottom.  There’s white around the beard, a yellow-white center stripe, & a bright golden-yellow band circling the falls.  Beards are orange in the throat, then orange-yellow, & then yellow at the end.  There are 6 nicely ruffled buds with serrated edges.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-46K12)

Peach Royale X Jeda 2-5B4 [Coral Point x Lava Moonscape]




2008 Jedlicka Intros



Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 29”, M

 This pattern showed up unexpectedly, with quite different parentage than similar ones.  Standards are light peach, veined darker, with peach-yellow edges and yellow styles. Centers of the falls are white, striped by violet veins which gradually fade away, and there are yellow edges and hafts.  Beards are tangerine, sometimes with short fuzzy yellow horns.  The ruffled SA has 7-8 buds and fat stalks.  Branching is a little short but OK.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-46K6)

Peach Royale X Jeda 2-5B4 [Thornbird x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”]







Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 32”, M

      The bright glowing colors of this beauty stand out from a long distance to give it a showy “wow” effect!  Standards’ centers are rosy pink blending to bright medium rose-violet edges.  Style arms are peachy pink.  Centers of falls are light rosy pink blending to bright medium rose-violet edges and an iridescent peach wash, especially on the hafts, adds a peach glow.  The fat caterpillar beards are bright tangerine with short fuzzy lighter tangerine horns.  This beautiful SA is well-ruffled and produces 8-9 buds but is rather narrow in the falls.  Branching is somewhat short but OK.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-38K8)

Coral Pincushion X Jeda 2-1C3 [Coral Point x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”]







Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 40”, E-M

      The best of our Starship Enterprise seedlings, this ruffled flower has good branching and 7-8 buds, 3 open at once for dramatic effect.  Standards are bright vibrant yellow and styles are yellow with lined and serrated crests.  A large vibrant yellow sunburst extends over halfway down the falls into the deep maroon-red bottom and sides, and the hafts are striped red and yellow.  The undersides of the falls are yellowish.  Beards start as dark orange in the throat, then progress thru orange to yellow at the tip.  A slight sweet smell rounds out the package.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-3M13)

Starship Enterprise X Terryton






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 32”, M

     The super-ruffles and serrated lace edges on this frothy white are very satisfying, and we even call it ripple-pleated!  Standards are opaque white, with a touch of yellow at the very base of the petals.  Style arms are white with yellow on the side and serrated crests.  Round overlapping falls are opaque white also, with a bit of yellow at the petal bases.  Beards are yellow deep in the throat but the rest is snowy white.  Vigorous healthy plants produce nicely-branched stalks with 6 buds. 

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-30K10)

Diamond Lil X Laced Cotton






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 32”, E

     This floriferous luminata is lightly ruffled, with diamond dust, good branching, and 7 buds.  Standards are a light peach ground infused medium to light red-violet with a light peach border which widens as it ages.  Style arms are light peach.  Falls are a royal deep red-violet luminata pattern with bright white ground around the beards and a light peach wire rim.  Beards are yellow in the throat and middle but tipped white.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-4M31)

Mind Reader X Flights of Fancy






GOOD AS GOLD - $5.00

Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 28-29”, M

      This rich glowing color does not fade in the sun and the bloom stays beautiful with its nice ruffles, lightly serrated edges, and the good form inherited from its red mother.  It is a vibrant deep yellow-gold with red markings deep inside the throat of both the standards and the round falls.  Styles are also deep yellow-gold with serrated crests.  Beards start as orange in the back, then go yellow-orange, and end up tipped bright yellow.  There are 9 buds, good stalks and branching, and narrow fan leaves.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-24L29)

Dynamite X Prosperous Voyage






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 31”, M

 We were delighted to discover this plicata with its pure white ruffle outside the dots and dashes, and it’s a favorite of garden visitors.  Standards are white with occasional small purple splashes, and style arms are white with a trace of lavender and serrated crests.  Falls have a white ground.  A ¼” neat white border surrounds dense purple plicata dotting which thins out as it nears the beard.  Extra dotting forms a center line down the falls, and there are purple veins on the hafts.  Beards are orange in the throat, then yellow, then white on the tips.  This slightly sweet-scented flower has good ruffles, diamond dusting, 7 buds, and fair branching. 

  (Formerly seedling Jeda 4-7L3)

 Peach Royale X Bruneau Jasper






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 31”, E-M

      This joyful flower is our most colorful yellow-ground luminata, well-ruffled and with 6 buds.  Standards have a yellow ground suffused with light red-violet and sport a wide yellow border.  Style arms are yellow with serrated crests.  The very center of the fall has white veins and medium purple luminata markings; remainder of petal has yellow ground under medium red-purple luminata wash except for ¼” yellow serrated border and pure yellow beside the beards.  Orange colors the back of the beard, then yellow, and the tip is white.  Branching is OK.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-6M4)

Fancy Woman X Bruneau Jasper






MY TRUE LOVE - $5.00

Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 30”, M

      The saturated colors of this showy diamond-dusted SA really grab your attention.  Standards are a rich medium pink with slightly purple-infused center ribs and serrated edges.  The style arms are beautiful pink with purple trim, a tangerine glow, and serrated crests.  Flaring falls are an intense true purple with a narrow pink-lavender border.  The hafts are striped with medium red-purple.  More zing comes from bright tangerine beards and fuzzy lavender upward horns.  Healthy plants have OK branching and 8 buds per stalk.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-38M25)

Coral Pincushion X Jeda 2-1C9 [Coral Point x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”]







Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 33”, E-M

      The focus of this SA is the long pointed bright tangerine “tongue” effect.  The caterpillar beards start deep in the throat and are extended by fuzzy tangerine horns.  Standards are medium peachy pink and nicely ruffled with a trace of lace.  Style arms are peachy pink, too, with serrated crests.  A large area of the falls around the beards is medium peachy pink, veined darker, and is framed by a medium purple infusion blending lighter to the pinkish outside edges.  9 buds and good branching complete the picture. 

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-13L29)

Sings So Softly X Lava Moonscape







Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2008, TB, 35”, M

     Bushy tangerine beards and very consistent ½” light lavender horns highlight this SA.  Standards and falls are medium pink and very ruffled, with serrated edges.  The falls are enhanced by a faint purple wash and vein lines on the hafts.  Styles are light pink.  Stalks have good branching with 7 buds.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 4-39M48)

Jeda 2-2A7 [Coral Point x Meininger sdlg “White Extra”] X Coral Pincushion






2007 Jedlicka Intros



Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2007, TB, 32", M, (9 buds)

        This color-saturated gem is named after our good friend who hooked us on iris.  The standards and style arms are bright yellow, and the beard is a bright orange-tangerine.  The falls are whitish below the beards, striped yellow on the hafts and sides, with a broad border of reddish purple across the bottom then tapering narrower on the sides.  It’s a fast increaser with 9 buds, lightly serrated and ruffled.  It also has great branching on the sturdy stalks.

(Starship Enterprise x Terryton) - (formerly JEDA 4-3M14)




Leonard & Kathryn  Jedlicka, 2007, TB, 40”, M

The focus of this flower is the bright orange caterpillar beards sitting fat and sassy on the falls.  The standards and style arms are bright yellow and the falls are red with yellow-striped hafts.  There’s a large yellow area below the beard with rays extending deep into the red.  The stalks are impressive and the branching is nice, plus it’s a good increaser.  The petals are serrated and lightly ruffled, with 6 buds being the norm.

(Starship Enterprise X Chevalier de Malte ) - (formerly JEDA 4-3L12)






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2007, TB, 32", M

     There’s a lot going on with this colorful bloom.  The standards are white with bright yellow centers and yellow veining.  Style arms are brilliant yellow also, and the beard is yellow-orange.  The falls have white below the beard, yellow-striped hafts and sides, and are ringed with reddish purple and a white wire rim.  Serrated and lightly ruffled, it’s a fast increaser with 6 buds, but it has poor branching like its mother.

(Starship Enterprise x Terryton) - (formerly JEDA 4-3M1)






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2007, TB, 34”, M

     This lightly ruffled flower is very cheery in your garden and is a fast  increaser.  The standards and style arms are bright yellow.  The falls are a good red with prominent yellow stripes radiating around the bright orange beard.  It has 7 buds but the branching is not up to par.  

(Starship Enterprise X Terryton) - (formerly JEDA 4-3M11)






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2007, TB, 31”, E, RE in zone 4b

    This vigorous glittery pink was the best rebloomer on our place in 2006.  We had over 30 rebloom stalks from it in two months. This continuous fall flowering right up to hard frost is very unusual in our cold zone.  The standards and style arms are light pink, and the beards are a deep pink-coral.  The falls are medium pink, lightly veined raspberry.  The lightly ruffled blossoms are covered with iridescent glitter.  There are 7 buds, and it increases very quickly to provide lots of future rebloom. 

(Pinkness X Invitation) - (formerly JEDA 3-22A9)







Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2007, TB, 30”, E-M, RE in zone 4b

The super-ruffled standards on this deep purple remind us of curls on a poodle.  Semi-flaring falls of purple are ruffled and covered with black velvet plush.  The beard is old gold in the throat but the outer half is deep purple.  Style arms are purple and white.  You can expect up to 8 medium-sized flowers on each stem, the branching is OK but could be better.  It appears that better soil makes for curlier standards.

(Hail The Chief X Romantic Evening) - (formerly JEDA 2-7A36)




2006 Jedlicka Intros



GLORIOSO - $5.00

Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2006, TB, 32", M-L, (8-10 buds)

 This flower's warm glow in the sunlight makes it stand out in your garden. The standards are a rich, glowing, translucent coral-pink with light orange rims & coral-orange style arms.  The falls are peach-pink blending to light orange edges with orange glitter reflecting off the hafts & sides.  A small white area appears below the bright coral-tangerine beard, & the bloom is lightly laced and ruffled. 

(Norma Jean x Urgent) - (previously JEDA 2-13A3)






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2006, TB, 36", M-L, (8-10 buds)

  A lively combination of fruit colors, this lightly laced and ruffled iris has soft peach standards (& style arms) and bright tangerine beards that are white on the very end.  Its falls have white centers merging into wide, rosy-violet grape edges & they are somewhat narrow, like its mother.

(Conjuration x Poem Of Ecstasy) - (previously JEDA 2-4A2)



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