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2013 Jedlicka Intros-$14



Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 34-35”, EM

     Purple plicata fingerprint lines are evident on the peach pink falls, lightening towards the bottom of the light ruffles & serrated lace. The standards are pink coral with coral iridescence & serrated lace. Styles are pink coral, & beards are narrow coral orange. 9 buds with triple sockets on top have good substance & are slightly sweet-scented. Nice stalks & branching round out the picture.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 8-1K9)

Glamor Girl Curls x Sultry Lady





SOLAR STORM - $14.00

Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 28-30”, EM

      A bright luminata that looks like a close-up photo of the surface of the sun. Vivid yellow standards are covered with yellow diamond dust & are lightly brushed red violet near the ribs. Serrated yellow lace frills the edges, & style arms are yellow too. Ruffled round falls have yellow ground with red violet luminata markings to outline the flowing storm fronts racing across the solar disk. A trace of white is below the yellow and orange beards, & edges are laced bright yellow. Good substance on 6-7 buds with OK branching & a very sweet smell.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 8-4M7)

Light Up My Life x Jeda 5-12Y4 [Fancy Woman x Lip Service]






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 29-30”, EM

     Large dark rosy mauve hafts look like too much rouge on the cheeks of this frilly lady. Standards are ruffled medium lavender pink, peachier on the edges, & have finely bubble-fizzed lace. Lacy styles are peach, lavender, & pink. The lavender pink falls have a white area below the tangerine orange beards & blend to very lacy narrow peach rims. 6-7 buds have super substance.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-MX38C23)

 parentage unknown






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 33-34”, EM

      This warm-hearted flower is like a big hug from your doting grandma.  The standards are bright medium pink, nicely ruffled with serrated lace, & the style arms are striped pink & white.  On the falls, a large pink starburst “heart” surrounds the beards & darts into the wide ruffled purple border.  Hafts are striped.  The medium orange beards end in white, with a small spot of white below them on the falls.  Strong stalks with super branching hold 7 buds of good substance over wide fans.

(Formerly seedling Jeda 8-1K15)

Glamor Girl Curls x Sultry Lady






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 30”, L

      A pastel spaceage novelty that looks like a 3-dimensional colorful chandelier with its upright 1-inch flounces & serrated edges.  Soft pink standards have styles of pink, white, & light orange.  Large white centers of falls shade outward to pale yellow & pink edges on bottom.  Hafts are orangey.  Tangerine beards end in consistent flounces with white stems & yellow petals.  6 buds, sometimes triple on top, have silver diamond dust.  Some buds toe in, so it’s not for judging, just enjoying the appendages.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-17U19)

 Peach Royale x Jeda 2-2A27 [Coral Point x Mein. sdlg “White Extra” (unknown parentage)]






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 32-34”, EM

      A spritely luminata dancer with a striped round skirt & a diamond-dusted blouse that changes color.  The ruffled standards open lavender pink which lightens toward the peach yellow edges.  By the 3rd day, the tops pale to lavender white.  Purple luminata lines form the white pinstripes on the falls down to a thin white rim, with peach ground on the hafts & edges of shoulders.  Beards are light yellow with a white end, & style arms are pale yellow with a white stripe.  Stems have 6-8 buds on nice branches, & the scent is perfume sweet.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 4-5K15)

 Mind Reader x New Leaf






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 31-32”, M

     Here’s a bouncy melon coral with heavy ruffles & serrated lace.  The standards are semi-translucent, beards are coral orange, & styles are coral.  Falls are somewhat flaring with thin purple lines on the hafts.  A warm pink overlay gives the effect of an iridescent orange flower.  7 buds of good substance form on nice stalks & branching, & they have a mild sweet-tart scent.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 8-1K8)

Glamor Girl Curls x Sultry Lady





Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 32-33”, EM

      This hardy survivor made it through the drought with flying colors.  The medium-ruffled standards are dark yellow with an amber cast toward the edges.  Style arms are deep yellow striped by pale brown red.  Falls are medium-ruffled dark brown red with a blackish velvet overcast.  White & brown red striping radiates around the yellow orange beards as a collar.  Yellow ground hafts.  Very good substance, 7 buds with triple top, OK branching, medium tart smell.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 8-12K10)

 Burst Of Glory x Make A Wish






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, TB, 30”, ML

      Looking delicious enough to eat, like a certain crunchy cheese snack, this light to medium orange has a pinkish cast on the heavily ruffled standards. Styles are medium orange. Round falls are a blend of orange & yellow to oranger edges with medium ruffles, & there’s a small whitish area below the bright tangerine beards. Good stalks & branching produce 7 sweet-scented buds of very nice substance.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-MX51J36)

unknown parentage






Leonard & Kathryn Jedlicka, 2013, IB, 23-27”, EM

      We spell Fourward our own way because of this IB’s tendency for about 15% of the blooms to sport 4 of everything:  standards, styles, beards, & falls.  Very eye-catching & exotic looking.  Standards are smoky pale yellow with bright purple infusions at the ribs, paling  to lightly ruffled yellow edges.  Flaring ruffled dark purple falls are velvety with a wire rim of light yellow.  There’s a spritzy little yellow orange sunburst around the tangerine orange beards.  Many stalks hold 4 mildly sweet-smelling buds well above the foliage.

 (Formerly seedling Jeda 5-MX41B81)

 unknown parentage




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