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Jedlicka Pom Pom Flounces

1. Alliance, Nebr., zone 4b.Jan. 1 '06                2. Driveway Entrance to Blue J Iris





3. Big Bang Theory                                            4. Big Bang Theory




                      5. Pink Pom Poms                                            6. Pom Poms with Folded Spoons                 7. Pom Poms with very Good Substance





        8. Good Substance, 7 Buds                                    9. No Branching and Toed-In Buds                            10. Standards are too open





11. Three Colored Pom Poms                                                12. See the 6 or 7 Fused Layers in this one





13. See the Spoon Layers on the Fused Stem                        14. Spoon, Feathers, and Hairs                             15. Three Colored Pom Pom       





16. Side View of a Pom Pom                                                17. Peach, Pink, Lavender (& white)





18. My Feathered Friend                                        19. Maybe 5 Folded Spoons in here                            20. A Hairy Pom Pom





21. A Feather Flounce                                                            22. Big, White Spoons





            23. Horns                                                                       24. Side View of a Pom Pom





25. We Nicknamed this Feather Duster





26. I Loved These Bugle Flounces...but are no more.                                         27. I Lost These Bugle Flounces       





28. Lost This Feathered Spoon                                                                29. White Pom Pom





30. Twin Appendages Inside Right Standard                                                     31. Feathery Spoons                   





32. Small, Hairy, Feathered Spoons                                            33. Flounce with Folded Spoons on Top           





34. 5 or 6 Spoons on Top of Each Other                                    35. Fives Showed Up on Black Arilbred





            36. Three Big 2" Flounces Inside Standards              37. Inside Standards-Big Flounces, 1 year                38. Upright Big Flounces Inside Standards             





39. One Inch Spoon Inside Standards                                            39. One Inch Spoon Inside Standards





                41. Rhizomes On Flower Stalk                                                42. Rhizomes On Flower Stalk





        43. Rhizomes On Flower Stalk                                                            44. Rhizomes On Flower Stalk





45. Iris Clump Fork                                                46. Iris Clump Fork                                        47. Iris Clump Fork





48. Iris Clump Fork                                                            49. Trays to Plant Iris Seed





50. At Region 21 Iris Show






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December 2004

 Blue J Iris, 40 Palomino Rd, Vado, NM, 88072; (915) 780-8927; bluejiris@yahoo.com


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