Blue J Iris

2014 Catalog A-Z (Long)

 Blue J Iris, 955 Cody Ave., Alliance, NE, 69301; (308) 762-4420;


Name Type Year Intro Price Breeder Height Bloom Time Space Ager Rebl-oomer Description
Aachen Prince TB 1987 $4.50 Knaus 36" E No No Dark blue-red Beard;slight sweet fragrance.
Aardvark Antickz IB 1999 $4.50 Kasperek 21" M No No Gold,tan & grayed yellow blend,blend silver-white,peppered in purple"antz,"
Aardvark Lark TB 2002 $4.50 Black 35" EM No No S.peachy apricot F.apricot ground with grape juice purple apricot rim
Aaron's Dagger TB 1995 $4.50 Sutton 37" EM Yes No Red violet self B-orange & violet,fuzzy violet horn;slight sweet fragrance
Abba Alias Abba SDB 1994 $4.50 Ensminger 13" ML No No S-hyacinth blue F-mimosa yellow B-blue
Abbey Chant IB 1998 $4.50 Sutton 25" VE & RE Yes No S-SA bright yellow F-white,Hf & edge lighter yellow B-violet-orange,violet blue horn--1/4" horn
Abby And Me TB 2004 $4.50 Burseen 37" M Yes No S. bright lemon yellow; style arms bright yellow; F. white, 1/4" bright yellow rim; beards dark buttercup yellow, white flounce ending in tattered yellow spoon; heavily ruffled, flared
Abiding Joy TB 1997 $4.50 Sutton 38" ML No No Sea lavender,amethyst base of S B-sea lavender;fragrant
Abigail Ann TB 1995 $4.50 Jorgensen 34" L-VL No No S-azalea pink F-light azalea pink edge,paling toward B; B- shrimp red;fragrant
Abigail Nicole TB 2000 $4.50 Pinegar 30" M No No S.and style arms med yellow;F.white ground, gold haft,dark purplish blue3/8 plum edge B.yellow
About Last Night TB 1999 $4.50 Black 30" M No No S-purplish black midline,tan edges F-black,hafts veined cream B-yellow gold;fragrant
About Town TB 1996 $4.50 Blyth 40" EM No No S-silvery mauve lilac F-red violet,silvery mauve lilac edge B-tangerine;laced
Above the Clouds TB 2001 $4.50 Schreiner's 36" EML No No Heavily ruffled light blue self;B.yellow
Absolute Treasure TB 2006 $6.00 Tasco 42" M No No Sky blue self, style arms slightly lighter toward back, F. slightly lighter centers; beards white, tipped golden yellow in middle and throat, frosty white at end; heavily ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Abstract Art TB 1990 $4.50 Keppel 32" M No No S-peach beige dotted rosy purple F-apricot dotted reddish purple B-terra cotta to spartan
Acapulco Gold TB 1983 $4.50 Schreiner's 32 EM No No lightly ruffled pure butter yellow w/white flash below B.butter yellow
Accent TB 1953 $3.50 Buss 46" M No No S.medium-light yellow and rose-red
Ace Of Diamonds TB 1996 $4.50 Gadd by Markham 35 ML No No Lightly frilled white self, faint pinkish lavender cast, F. slightly texture veined; beards pink at end, shading to deep orange red in throat, near-white base.
Acoma TB 1990 $3.50 Magee 30" E No Yes S-pale blue F-ivory with violet plicata pattern on edge B-henna;
Actress TB 1976 $4.50 Keppel 35" EM No No Wisteria violet self B-pale lavender-blue tip,orange in throat
Ada Marie TB 1993 $4.50 Wolford 32-34" EM No No S-bright gold F-orange-red w/blue infusions,gold edge B-orange; fragrant
Adobe Campfire TB 2001 $4.50 Nichols 36" EM No No S.oxblood red,laced;F.deeper oxblood red,edged lighter,white striations near,B.tangerine gold
Adobe Rose TB 1988 $4.50 Ernst 35" M No No S-peach cream F-rosy red mauve,violet below bright orange B;
Adriatic Waves TB 2009 $10.00 Keppel 40 M No No S. and style arms near cornflower blue; F. medium violet-blue shading to steeplechase blue at margin; beards white tipped lemon, pale blue at end; heavily ruffled
Adventuress TB 1985 $4.50 Hamblen 36" ML No No S-pinkish blending to violet edge F-purple violet,lighter edge B-rusty orange-purple violet;
Affaire TB 1993 $4.50 Blyth 36" EM No No S-lavender to blue-grey F-greenish mustard,tan overlay B-yellow mustard
Affluence TB 1986 $4.50 Hager 35" M No No Heavily ruffled peach pink B-peach
Afrosiab AB 1998 $4.50 Volfovich-Moler 39" E No No S. light purple, veined violet and brown, broad brown edge; style arms purple, crests brown; F. cherry purple veined darker, rim brown; beards orange yellow, purple at end; waved form; pronounced fragrance
After Eight TB 1995 $4.50 Stahly 34" M No No Deep blackish violet self,style arms deep violet B-near-black;
After Romance TB 1998 $4.50 Terada 36" M No No Ruffled,laced red purple;F.white spot around yellow B.
After The Dawn TB 1995 $4.50 Ernst 36 M No No S. blended violet peach, darker violet midrib; style arms peach yellow; F. creamy peach yellow, light caramel shoulders, white center wash; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.
After the Storm TB 1992 $4.50 Innerst 36" ML No No Mid blue B-white tipped lemon;slight sweet fragrance
Afternoon Delight TB 1985 $4.50 Ernst 36" M No No S-laced golden tan w/lavender F-lavender with golden tan border B-yellow
Afternoon In Rio TB 2005 $5.00 Schreiner's 36" ML No No S. violet purple F. dark violet-purple, bronze rim, white blaze below beard; beards old gold.
Again and Again TB 1999 $3.50 Innerst 36" M & RE No Yes M&RE medium yellow,B white
Agatha Christie IB 1998 $3.50 Sutton 24" VE & RE No No Sgreyed wistraria blue; Fwhite, veined edged bluebird blue B blue
Age of Innocence TB 1994 $4.50 Kerr 38" M No No S-pure white F-white,edged blue B-golden yellow;fragrant
Aggressively Forward TB 1995 $4.50 Innerst 36" M Yes Yes Yellow ground plicata F-trimmed blue purple,black dart under bronze yellow B;fragrant--1/4" horn
Ain't Misbehavin' TB 1995 $4.50 Ernst 37" M Yes No S-red violet-blue violet F-violet,blended white,bluish center stripe B-orange-blue;fragrant--1/4" horn
Airforce One TB 2002 $4.50 Sutton 37 ML Yes No S. pale wisteria blue; StArms wisteria blue; F. deep wisteria blue; beards pale yellow, deep wisteria blue flounce; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Alabaster Unicorn TB 1996 $4.50 Sutton 36-38" ML Yes No Ruffled white self B-yellow,white horns--1/2" horn
Aladdin's Wish TB 1945 $4.50 Murawska   E-VL No No White brushed blue (self), not a plicata
Alaskan Moon TB 2003 $3.50 Burseen 35" ML Yes No S-pale pearl cream;SA-lt.yel;F-cream white,Hf-gold;B-gold,v.lg&WIDE,sm.blunt gold horn; ruf,flared
Alaskan Seas TB 1992 $4.50 McWhirter 34" EM No No S-pale blue F-deep marine blue B-blue; pronounced fragrance
Alene's Other Love SDB 1994 $4.50 Dean 10-11" M No No S-top & edge pink to lavender center,purple base F-greyed orange,white under lavender B fragrant
Aletheia TB 1996 $4.50 Knaus 36" E No No S-white,edges pale blue F-violet-blue,fading white near B,colored band B-white-gold;fragrant
Alexander's Ragtime Band TB 1994 $4.50 Gaulter 37" M No No S-purple,veined F-darker purple B-muted white; heavily
Alexis TB 1987 $4.50 Nelson 30 M-ML No No S. soft pink; F.soft pink, deeper at edge, washed and veined greyed wine, wash disappears by 2nd day; deep red orange beard; moderately ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Alice Goodman TB 1988 $3.50 Roderick 33" M No Yes Bright pink,lighter area below pink B;
All Aboard TB 2003 $4.50 Christopherson 39" M No No S. soft blue, midrib darker; style arms soft blue, darker lip; F. white with hints of blue; beards yellow, base white
All Abuzz IB 2000 $4.50 Black 25" M No No S-pearl grey ,wide red purp.margin/midrib;F-red purp.veined white B-white, yel.throat
All Aflutter TB 1994 $4.50 Byers 36" M Yes No White B-red-orange with long blue flounce turning up at end;fragrant
All Lit Up TB 1992 $4.50 Byers 33" EM & RE No No S-white F-brilliant gold B-tangerine orange
All Reddy TB 1988 $4.50 Durance 35" ML No No Flaring & lightly ruffled red rose
All That Jazz TB 1982 $4.50 Denney 36" M No No S-bright yellow F-clean bright red B-yellow
Allegretto TB 1982 $4.50 Martin 36" M No No S-chartreuse-green w/ slight lav. underlay (silver green apprnc); F-same, more lav.; B-grn gold; ruffled
Allstar TB 1986 $4.50 Dunn 36" M No No Ruffled blue B-pale yellow tipped white
Almaden TB 1990 $3.50 Maryott 36" M No No Dark red maroon B-dark red maroon;slight sweet fragrance
Almost Gladys TB 1982 $4.50 Ensminger 34" ML No No S-white with pink flush at base F-coral-pink,white edging B-red
Almost Heaven TB 1997 $4.50 Niswonger 38" M No No Mauve pink self B-blue
Almost Paradise TB 1993 $4.50 Ernst 35" M No No S-creamy pink F-raspberry purple B-bright orange;fragrant
Alpenview TB 2003 $4.50 Keppel 40" EM No No S-columbine blue,outr1/2 pale,SA-blue/white F-white slight green-yel.shldr; B-white,yel.throat
Alpha Gnu SPEC-X 1999 $4.50 Kasperek 22" VE No No Red violet streaked silver white,styles violet lavender B-yellow,broken pattern;fragrant
Alpine Journey TB 1984 $4.50 Blyth 38" E-EM No No S-snow white F-golden yellow B-golden yellow
Alpine Storm TB 1999 $4.50 Black 32" M No No Ice white B-yellow gold,violet white at end;sweet fragrance
Altered States TB 1997 $4.50 Burseen 36" M No No S-white,streakd purp;F-white,dots/blotch.purp;unstbl.patrn;;fragrant
Altruist TB 1987 $4.50 Schreiner's 37" EM No No S-flax blue,white midrib F-flax blue,white center B-white;fluted
Always Remember TB 2000 $4.50 Mullin 40" ML No No coral pink; F-w/ powder pink overlay; B-light orange, tipped white
Amadeus TB 1989 $4.50 Tompkins 37" ML No No Orchid lilac with pale blue B-lemon white tipped orange pink
Amain TB 1985 $4.50 Zurbrigg 37" ML & RE No Yes White with golden hafts and some gold in S. and F.; beards yellow
Amarillo Frills TB 2002 $4.50 Hager 37" EM No No Laced yellow self;B.yellow
Amarillo Ruffles TB 1988 $4.50 Jeffries 36" VE-M No No Ruffled & pleated yellow B-saffron orange;dark yellow style crests
Amaryllis TB 1995 $4.50 Goebel 27" M No No S-not available;lacy style arms F-chinese yellow shaded pink,blue & bronze;fragrant
Amber Amulet TB 1999 $4.50 Kerr 39" EML No No S.amber orange,F.white,edged amber orange B.tangerine red
Amber Snow TB 1987 $4.50 Blyth 36" VE-E No No S-pure white F-rich apricot B-bright tangerine
Ambrosia Fool TB 2000 $4.50 Niswonger 34" M No No S.white,rib flushed orange; thin white rim;
Amelia's Orchid TB 1993 $4.50 Mueller 30" M Yes No S-white,pink edge F-pink,lighter around wavy edge B-pink & spoons;fragrant--3/4" pink spoon
American Beauty TB 1985 $4.50 Shoop 34" M No No S-white F-blue textured B-red;ruffled
American Classic TB 1996 $3.50 Schreiner's 36" EML No No S-white,violet blue edge F-white, violet blue plicata edging B-blue white-yellow;
American Greetings TB 1991 $4.50 Meek 36" ML No No S-white F-powder blue B-coral red;
American Patriot IB 1997 $4.50 Bartlett 21" M No No S. white; purple, edged white; B red
American Sweetheart TB 1983 $4.50 Sexton 36" M No No S-golden brown F-rich black,gold haft markings B-golden brown
America's Cup TB 1989 $3.50 McWhirter 40" M No No Clean white B-white;slight sweet fragrance
Amethyst Dancer TB 1997 $4.50 Ernst 34" M No No S. cream pink, violet midrib infusion, blended honey rim on inside; style arms cream pink; F. deep amethyst berry, pink rim, striped hafts extending 1/3 way down; beards tangerine red; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Amethyst Suncatcher TB 2001 $4.50 Cadd 41" ML No No S.blender tan/lavender,midrib dk lavender;F.vevety reddish purple fancy plicata pattern;Byellow tip bronze
Amigo TB 1934 $3.50 Williamson   M No No Dark blue bitone
Amorous Embrace TB 1987 $4.50 Nelson 34" M No No Ruffled & laced baby ribbon pink B-tangerine
Ample Charm TB 1995 $4.50 Burseen 36" E No No S-& style arms pinkish orange F-lt orange,veined red brown,white from orange B;fragrant
Amplified TB 2000 $4.50 Ghio 36" L-VL No No S.yellow orange,red infusion,F.bright yellow orange, white base
Amusement TB 1991 $4.50 Nichols 36" E-L No No S.peach; F.deep red violet, edged peach; ruffled
Anaconda Love BB 1999 $4.50 Kasperek 24" ML No No S-pink,splashed beetroot purple,laced F-beetroot purple,streaked silver-pink B-orange;BrCo;frag
Ancaster Blue Ruffles TB 1993 $4.50 McMillen 36" EM No No S-frosted blue, darker middle, edge near white F-blue violet,frosted light blue edge B-tangerine-blue-white;
Ancient Echoes TB 1997 $4.50 Blyth 34" ML No No S-gold F-plush red black,tan edge B-bronze tipped gold;fragrant
And Away We Go TB 2008 $8.00 Lauer 36 EM No No S-amethyst violet; StAr-rose purple; F-amethyst violet, ltr cntr, lt.yel.shldr marks; B-canary yel, white ends; ruf, pron. sweet frag.
And Royal TB 1990 $4.50 Blyth 36" VE-EM No No S-off white F-rosy violet,ruffled & waved B-bright gold
Andalou TB 1995 $4.50 Cayeux 33" EML No No S-bright yellow F-clear velvety red B-golden yellow
Anew TB 1983 $4.50 Zurbrigg 34" ML & RE No Yes White,golden hafts B-yellow
Angel Chiffon TB 1978 $4.50 Rudolph 31" E No No S.light blue-pink F.pale blue-pink with green-white blaze B.light pink
Angel Heart IB 1996 $4.50 Aitken 25" M & RE No No S-white F-white,hafts yellow B-orange
Angeli Di Luce TB 1999 $4.50 Kerr 36" ML No No S. pale pinkish lavender, lighter center; style arms pinkish lavender; F. white, wide pinkish lavender plicata edge, stripe below beard; beards tangerine orange, base white; slight sweet fragrance
Angelic Wings TB 1991 $3.50 Miller 35" EM & RE No Yes Pale blue,fading to white B-white,yellow-red in throat;fragrant
Angel's Awe TB 2007 $7.00 Van Liere 37" M No No White standards with just a hint of blue infusion, 1/8" yellow band at edge. The style crest is white with same yellow band near the tip. Pure white falls with the same 1/8" yellow band stopping at the hafts. The beards are reddish orange.
Angels In Flight TB 1995 $4.50 Messick 37 M No No White, with blue wash up S. and in middle of F.; beards cream; ruffled
Angelus Chimes TB 1997 $4.50 Sorensen 33" ML No No S-lemon yellow; SA-yel. gold, flush cream F-white, heavily ruffled, 3/8" lemon yel. edge B-yel. gold; sl.sw.frag.
Animated IB 2008 $8.00 Sutton 20 EM No No S. and style arms violet blue; F. same, veined blue; beards white; slight spicy fragrance
Anne Boleyn TB 1985 $4.50 Zurbrigg 36" VL Yes No Laced light yellow,prominent yellow flounces B-pale yellow--1" yel.flounce
Annie Mc BB 1991 $4.50 Miller 24" ML No No Laced white,hafts yellow; tipped white
Announcement TB 2002 $4.50 Black 34" M Yes No S.cameo pink,F.pastel blue violet w/violet white halos,B.tangerine large blue violet flounces--1 1/2" lav.flounce
Anon TB 1975 $4.50 Gibson 40" M No No S-carrot red F-amber-yellow outer rim,brown-lemon B-tangerine;
Anvil of Darkness TB 1998 $4.50 Innerst 29" M No No Black self, fragrance
Anxious TB 1992 $4.50 Hager 35" EML & RE No Yes Pale lilac B-pale yellow
Anything Goes TB 1998 $3.50 Hager 35" EM No No S-rosy pink F-deeper rose,veined from throat 2/3 down petal B-tangerine
Apache Rose TB 1982 $4.50 Meek 36" EM No No S-cream brown with gold F-cream brown,peppered brownish plum B-orange
Apache Ruffles TB 1998 $4.50 Hedgecock 36" M No No Ruffled,laced med orange,F.slighty lighter area by B.bright red orange
Apollodorus TB 1988 $4.50 Tompkins 38" M-L No No S-coppery gold,taffy lilac overtone F-gold & copper tan,overlaid brown,gold border B-gold;
Apollo's Robe TB 2003 $3.50 Carter 35" EM & RE No No S. light lavender, golden yellow extending up midrib; style arms and F. golden yellow; beards golden yellow; ruffled, flared
Apollo's Touch IB 1991 $4.50 Nichols 18" EML No No S-ivory,creamy yellow midrib & base F-yellow,edged white B-orange yellow tipped white;
Apparent Secret TB 2001 $4.50 Innerst 36" ML No No S-medium yellow; F-fancy patterned w/ various shades of purple, 1/4" yellow rim; B-lemon
Appleblossom Pink IB 1974 $4.50 Boushay 18" E-M Yes No S-orient pink F-white center,darker at edges & hafts B-white
Approach Me TB 1991 $4.50 Burseen 35" EM No No Ruffled & laced very light pink B-tangerine
Approachable TB 1998 $4.50 Ernst 35" M No No S-creamy peach,pink midrib,honey rim F-creamy peach,blue violet cast,rim honey B-tangerine orange
Apricot Ala Mode IB 1989 $4.50 Boswell 20" M No No S.light apricot,F.white,apricot hafts 1/4 edge B.apricotfragrance
Apricot Ensemble TB 1989 $4.50 Hedgecock 32 M No No Lightly ruffled apricot; pale tangerine red beard
Apricot Frosty BB 1992 $3.50 Niswonger 23" M No No S-white F-deep apricot B-apricot
Apricot Silk IB 1987 $3.50 Willot 22" E No No S.light apricot; Fslightly deeper; B red orange
Apricot Topping BB 1997 $4.50 Black 25" M No No S-apricot orange,violet midrib F-wine red,darker center,apricot-white around orange B;fragrant
April Hope TB 1980 $4.50 Gibson 36" M No No S-yellow-orange F-violet with deeper violet veins,brown rim B-yellow-orange;serrated
April in Paris TB 1992 $4.50 Wood 34" M No No Ruffled & laced medium pink B-tangerine red
April Jewel TB 2000 $4.50 Lauer 34" M Yes No S-pink,edged orange buff F-orange buff with pink cast B-red tangerine,small horn;fragrant--3/4" horn
April Melody TB 1967 $4.50 Gibson 36" ML No No Lavender-pink ground,deeper lavender plicata markings B-tangerine
April Vision TB 2002 $4.50 Sutton 35" ML No No S-french rose; F-white,lt.french rose vein,venetian pink shldr;B-french rose,oran.end;ruf,laced;sl.sw.frag
Aquamarine Dream TB 1999 $4.50 Kerr 38 M No No Aquamarine blue self; beards aquamarine blue
Arabian Story TB 1998 $4.50 Blyth 34-36" EM No No S. bright mustard yellow; F. red brown, slightly lighter near mustard beard; ruffled; sweet fragrance
Arc De Triomphe TB 1995 $4.50 Kerr 32 M No No S. white, infused yellow; F. yellow, darker veining and hafts; beards gold; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Arctic Express TB 1996 $4.50 Gatty 38" EM No No White self B-white,lemon tipped orange yellow in throat
Arctic Fox TB 1998 $4.50 Wood 32" ML No No White self;B.very dark burnt red
Arctic Moon TB 2000 $4.50 Shepard 42" M No No Ruffled white with silver cast, F. with gold on shoulders; beards dark orange.
Ardor TB 1987 $4.50 Ghio 32" L-VL No No Coral, infused orange B-tangerine
Argus Pheasant TB 1948 $4.50 DeForest   M No No Golden brown
Arizona Citrus TB 1998 $4.50 Shepard 42" ML No No S-bright yellow,veined darker F-canary yellow,white blaze,gold-orange haft veining B-orange;
Armageddon TB 1992 $4.50 Tompkins 36" ML No No S-vivid clover & pink F-deep red-maroon,picoteed pink edge B-shrimp red;
Arms Wide Open TB 2001 $3.50 Lauer 35" M Yes No Cornflower blue,lighter near; at end white to yellow in throat blue horn.--3/4" horn
Art Center TB 1982 $4.50 Brown 38" M No No S-pink bordered apricot F-brownish apricot w/lavender center B-saturn red;
Art Deco TB 1997 $3.50 Schreiner's 33" VE No No S-dark blue violet white center marks F-white,stitched dark blue violet edge B-yellow-blue;fragrant
Art Form TB 1989 $4.50 Hager 38" M No No S-cream buff F-orchid rose B-yellow
Art School Angel TB 1989 $3.50 Vizvarie 32" M Yes No White with blue cast in center of F B-yellow-orange,blue-white flounce;fragrant--1 1/4" white flounce
Artesian Lady BB 1988 $4.50 Lyons 25" E-M No No Picoteed and ruffled bronze,light wine overlay on F.bronze B.
ARTISTIC TOUCH - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 29" M Yes No S-lt.peach,veined drkr,w/peach-yel.edges; StAr-yel; F-white centers striped by violet veins, yel.edges & hafts; B-tangerine w/short fuzzy yel.horns
Artist's Time TB 1974 $3.50 Schreiner's 34" ML No No S.sultry waxen blend of red,maroon,violet;F.same w/ bluer blaze center
Ascent of Angels TB 1996 $3.50 Bernard 36" M No No S-wistaria blue,deeper midrib F-wistaria blue washed violet B-lavender,gold throat;fragrant
Ask A Lady TB 2005 $5.00 Blyth 36 EM No No S. white, faint pink flush at midrib; F. white, totally overlaid soft pink champagne deepening toward haft; beards white tipped soft tangerine coral, muted; pronounced sweet fragrance
Ask Alma IB 1987 $4.50 Lankow 21" M No No Coral orange B-white tipped tangerine orange
Astro Blue TB 2008 $8.00 Schreiner's 35 M
No No S. and F. light blue; beards yellow, white at end
Atlanta Belle TB 1992 $4.50 Magee 40" L No No Serrated pink,green apricot blaze & hafts on F B-salmon pink;fragrant
Attendant SDB 2004 $4.50 Johnson 13" EM No No S. brownish plum veined darker, ivory center veined and marked brownish plum; style arms brass brown; F. bright canary yellow, center dotted dark red brown, outer portion heavily marbled red brown; beards bright yellow, hairs dotted brown at end
Attention Please TB 1974 $4.50 Mohr 34" M No No S-lilac purple with flecks white F-violet on white ground B-orange-brown
Attitude IB 2000 $4.50 Keppel 22" M No No S-prune purple,ivory center; SA-violet,tan edges; F-white,purple border B-violet-brown-yellow
Augustine TB 2005 $5.00 Schick 36" M No No S-pink-orange, SA-orang; F-orang, rose-oran.shldrs; B-oran; laced, slt.musky frag
Aunt Hank TB 2000 $4.50 Hedgecock 36" M No No S. medium pink; F. dark pink, medium pink marginal band and centerstripe, pale pink haft marking; beards pale pink at end, to bright red orange in throat; ruffled, laced.
Aunt Josephine TB 1997 $4.50 Spoon 35" M No No Fluted white B-yellow
Aura Light TB 1996 $4.50 Blyth 34" EM No No S-white F-brilliant gold;ruffled B-mustard
Australian Rose' TB 2010 $12.00 Sutton 34 L-VL Yes No S. primrose yellow flushed and veined rose pink; style arms primrose yellow; F. yellow, shrimp red veining and shoulders, copper wire rim; beards tangerine, hairy horns; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Austrian Garnets TB 1991 $4.50 Maryott 39" M No No S-reddish black with metallic sheen F-same,lighter center B-self tipped brown;
Autumn Apricot TB 1988 $4.50 Thimsen 30" M & RE No Yes S-light orange F-light orange B-red;ruffled
Autumn Blush TB 1984 $4.50 Black 33" EM No No S-mauve pink with paler edge F-cream with greenish cast B-deep sienna;fragrance
Autumn Bugler TB 1986 $3.50 Jones 28" E & RE No Yes S-dark violet F-dark purple B-white tipped orange;fragrant
Autumn Circus TB 1990 $4.50 Hager 34" E & RE No Yes S-white,peppered blue violet to solid edge F-white,lines from white B,blue violet plicata edge,yellow throat
Autumn Harvest TB 1999 $4.50 Grosvenor 36" EM No No S-golden buff, vein; F-red-brown, golden buff rim; B-tangerine
Autumn Ivory BB 2001 $4.50 Spoon 26" EM & RE No No Ruffled ivory white; beards white at end and base, yellow to golden yellow in throat; flared; slight sweet fragrance
Autumn Riesling TB 2006 $6.00 Schreiner's 40 ML No No S. orange apricot; F. orange apricot, yellow at center; beards tangerine
Autumn Rose TB 2008 $8.00 Spoon 34 M No No S. light rose-pink, veined darker; style arms same, yellowed edges; F. dark rose-pink, veined dark raspberry proximally, veined lighter distally; B-tangerine; ruffled, lightly laced; slt swt frag
Autumn Sapphire TB 2000 $4.50 Maryott 38 M & RE No No Ruffled medium blue, F. slightly darker; beards medium blue
Autumn Sunburst TB 2010 $12.00 Aitken 38 ML & RE No No S., style arms, F. and beards intense orange
Autumn Thunder TB 2000 $4.50 Sutton 37" EML & RE No No S-violet blue; F-deep blue violet, darker edge; B-methyl violet; ruffled, slight musky fragrance
Autumn Tryst TB 1993 $4.50 Weiler 34" EM & RE No Yes S-white,stippled & edged rosy lavender F-white edged rosy lavender B-yellow;fragrant
Autumn Wine BB 2003 $4.50 Christopherson 25" M & RE Yes Yes S-wine red; F-drkr velvety wine red, ltr rim; B-mustard, short upward horns
Autumn Years TB 1996 $4.50 Ensminger 33" M No No S-buff,streaked purple,styles chrome yellow F-buff with yellow hafts,purple streaks/splashes B-chrome yel.
Avalon Sunset TB 1994 $3.50 Schreiner's 36" ML No No Ruffled orange B-tangerine
Avanti TB 1971 $4.50 Williamson 32-34" VE-M No No S.golden apricot,pink midribs;F.golden apricot w/gold shoulder;
Awakening TB 1994 $4.50 Meek 35" ML No No S-deep pink w/lavender infusion F-pink lightening to ivory B-henna-lavender-blue;fragrant
Awakening Dreams TB 1999 $4.50 Blyth 35" ML No No S-pastel pink;F-ltr to pinkish white cntr;B-white,w/tangerine in thrt
Awesome Alex TB 2004 $4.50 Burseen 36" ML Yes No S-pearl white;F-cream,vio.wash,cream edg;B-bronze oran, lg,fuzzy purp.horn; ruf.--3/4" horn
Awesome Blossom TB 2000 $4.50 Black 32" ML No No S-peach pink,butter halo,F.warm white veined butter gold-band B.tangerine orange; ruffled
Aztec Burst TB 1993 $4.50 Blyth 38" VE-EM No No S-white F-apricot to light orange B-apricot-tangerine
Aztec Lace TB 2002 $4.50 Hedgecock 33" L No No S. pale lavender blue; F. medium purple, slightly lighter near beard; beards purple, burnt orange hair tips and in throat; ruffled, heavily laced; slight sweet fragrance
Azure Like It SDB 2005 $5.00 Lauer 13.5" EM No No S. wisteria blue luminata wash overall;SA-wisteria blue; F. white, wisteria blue luminata wash extending downward, white area around beard; B- white, tangerine orange in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Bab El Mandeb TB 1996 $4.50 Muska     No Yes S-white azure blue,F-deep burgundy red rimmed white B-tangerine; laced
Babbling Brook TB 1966 $3.50 Keppel 38" M No No Light blue self
Baboon Bottom BB 1994 $4.50 Kasperek 26" M Yes No S-streaked pink & rose F-lt pink,streaked with white swirls,red-purple dotted edge B-tang;frag.--1/4" horn
Baby Blessed SDB 1979 $4.50 Zurbrigg 10" E & RE No Yes Light yellow w/small white spot on F B-cream
Baby Blue Marine IB 1987 $4.50 Denney 18" E No No Light marine blue w/orchid infusion B-self
Bachelor Party TB 1999 $4.50 Black 34" ML No No S-style arms pink F-white center,pink hafts,band & veining B-tangerine;fragrant
Back in Black TB 1986 $3.50 Schreiner's 38" ML No No Velvety rich black with red undertones B-self
Back Street Affair TB 1997 $4.50 Innerst 34 M No No S-medium yellow F-coffee to milky brown,yellow border B-brilliant gold;fragrant
Backwater Blues TB 1999 $4.50 Stahly 35" EM No No Medium blue violet, white vein network extending to 1/4" marginal band of deeper color; style arms medium blue violet; beards blue, bronze in throat
Bad Cad TB 1992 $4.50 Burseen 33" EM No No S-rusty orange F-cream yellow,streaked maroon red, more at edge B-gold;fragrant
Baditude TB 2001 $4.50 Burseen 36" M No No S. yellow gold, brownish purple infusion; style arms bright golden lemon yellow (RHS 13A); F. chrome yellow (15C), cream lavender flash below golden lemon (14B) beard; ruffled; spicy fragrance
Badlands TB 2003 $4.50 Schreiner's 38 EML No No S. violet purple; style arms and F. dark purple; beards violet purple
Bajazzo TB 1999 $4.50 Muska     Yes No Lemon-yellow spaceager B-orange ending long yellow-tan flounces--1 1/4" flounce
Balch Springs TB 1993 $4.50 Nichols 36" ML No No S-light blue F-deeper,edged lighter B-yellow-blue;fragrant
Balderdash TB 2002 $4.50 Keppel 36" M No No S.pastel golden buff to peach arms same,lavender midrib flush;F.imperial purple;B.tile red
Ballerina Girl TB 1998 $4.50 Kerr 36" M No No S. style arms pink,tinted red violet,,red violet plicata edge,B.tangerine salmon
Ballerina Queen TB 2007 $7.00 Blyth 33 M No No S. strong light coral pink; F. pinkish violet, silvery cast, spreading lavender flash below deep tangerine beards; pronounced sweet fragrance
Ballet Music TB 1995 $4.50 Williamson 38" ML No No Dark raspberry violet B-tangerine red; fragrant
Ballet Performance TB 2007 $7.00 Johnson 39" E No No S. white ground, dp lilac-rose edg+dotng; SA-honey, buff pink cntr & crest; F-white grnd, nar.lilac-rose plicata edge, dpr haft on sides of B; B-orange, white end; musky frag.
Ballycastle IB 2001 $4.50 Keppel 24" E No No S-lgt pink, lav. cast; F-slightly lgtr pink cntr w/lav. pink edge; B-pale blue (pale yel.-tip) end,rust red thrt; sl.frag.
Ballyhoo TB 1970 $4.50 Keppel 38" M No No S-light yellow F-veronica violet, purple on hafts B-white tipped yellow
Baltic Elegy TB 2001 $4.50 Stahly 35" ML No No S. deep red (RHS 187A), center slightly lighter; style arms yellow tan, crests deep red; F. pale yellow overlaid red (178A), blending to solid red black (deeper than 187A) edge; beards bronze red, gold in throat; ruffled
Baltic Star TB 1994 $3.50 Stahly 34" M No No S-purple-black,lighter midrib F-same,white at B & blend to purple black rim B-brown-violet
Banana Cream TB 1989 $3.50 Byers 35" EM-M & RE No Yes S-cream to cream white F-cream,yellow haffts,B-cream tipped yellow orange;
Banana Cream Pie TB 2007 $7.00 Filardi 30 M No No S. white; style arms white, yellow at base; F. cream, darkening to straw yellow rim; beards yellow, slight white tip at end; slight sweet fragrance
Banana Frappe TB 1991 $4.50 Ernst 38" M No No Yellow B-yellow orange; slight sweet fragrance,Large
Banded Butterfly IB 1987 $4.50 Boswell 22" L No No S-bright yellow F-darker yellow,veined brown,inner white band,yellow edge B-yellow
Bandera Waltz TB 1983 $4.50 Tompkins 38" M No No S-white F-white ground,stitched bright heliotrope on edge B-heliotrope
Bantam Prince SDB 1999 $4.50 Chapman 10" E No No S-dark royal purple; F-dark royal purple w/ large black cherry spot, radiating lines; B-Purple
Barbara My Love TB 1999 $3.50 Maryott 36" M No No S-pale salmon,style arms gold F-white, orange band B-yellow,orange throat; fragrant
Barcelona TB 1967 $4.50 Brown 36" M No No S-yellow w/violet in midribs F-pansy purple B-tangerine
Bargain Hunter TB 2010 $12.00 Black 39 ML No No S. white, fine crystalline gold rim, greenish midrib; StArms white; F. white, haft veined med.yel, lower ²⁄₃ of center vein/dotted purp, fine plum rim, lt yel. center stripe ²⁄₃ way down; B-bright orange; slight sweet fragrance
Barn Dance TB 1991 $4.50 Byers 35" EM & RE No Yes S-yellow F-white area under yellow B,deeper yellow hafts & border peppered rose brown;fragrant
Barrister TB 1980 $4.50 Meek 36" EM No No S-purple with white at midrib F-white,purple band,plicata B-orange-blue
Barry's Choice TB 1998 $4.50 McWhirter 34" M No No Topaz orange S-darker F-w/pale blue white area under butterscotch orange B
BASHFUL BALLERINA - 2012 Jedlicka Intro TB 2012 $16.00 L&K Jedlicka 35-36 M No No S-pink w/wide white edges; StArm-pink, lavender, and white w/lav.streaks and purple dots. F-medium purple w/light lavender borders, white w/purple veins nr B, subtle violet-blue stripe bisects; B-dk tangerine-orange
Batik BB 1986 $3.50 Ensminger 26" M No No White ground,striped royal purple B-yellow tipped white
Batman TB 1986 $3.50 Byers 36" M-L Yes No Deep blackish purple B-purple,purple horns;musky fragrance--1/2" horn
Batter Up TB 2004 $4.50 Black 35 EM Yes No S. med.yel…white upper½,, white area w/gold veining; StArm-med. gold, edges cream, crests gold; F. white, veining;, 1/2-3/4" fuzzy lt.violet horn; ruf; pron.spicy frag.
Battlestar Atlantis TB 2008 $8.00 Aitken 42 ML Yes No S., style arms and F. white; beards white, horns or spoons (unstable)
Be a Dream TB 1992 $4.50 Niswonger 35" ML No No S-warm white F-same,golden hafts,rippled & waved B-yellow
Be My Baby BB 2004 $4.50 Black 27" ML No No Ruffled opalescent pale pink, F. blending to white near beard; style arms light buff peach; beards white base, hairs tipped tangerine; pronounced spicy fragrance
Beach Baby SDB 1995 $4.50 Tasco 12" ML No No Yellow, with red wash extending halfway down F.; beards lavender blue, gold in throat; slight musky fragrance
Beach Boy TB 1985 $4.50 Blyth 37" VE-M No No S-apricot F-orange B-brilliant tangerine
Bearded Wonder TB 1997 $4.50 Robarts 30-32" M Yes No S-greyed yellow F-greyed pale yellow B-yellow-violet-coral,elevated flounce;fragrant
Beautiful Friendship TB 2004 $3.50 Kerr 38" M No No S. and style arms light pink; F. white, yellow in throat, narrow blue lavender edge diffusing toward center; beards tangerine orange; slight sweet fragrance
Beauty Circle TB 2000 $4.50 Dunn 36" EM No No S-orchid;F-white grnd,Hf/nar.edg-orchid dots;B-tangerine; hvy.ruf,lace; sl.sw.frag.
Beaux Arts TB 1969 $4.50 Plough 36" EML No No S-phlox pink & purple F-lighter,blending to buttercup yellow B-saturn red
Becky's Bonnet TB 1998 $4.50 Lemmer 35" EM No No S-lemon yellow F-grape purple,grey white band,white haft rays B-orange
Bedtime Story IB 1982 $4.50 Ritchie 22" M No No S.amethyst violet,darker midrib;F.violet around beard,B amethyst violet
Before the Storm TB 1989 $4.50 Innerst 36" M No