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2017 Catalog - Newly Added Iris - Jedlicka Intros

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SOLD OUT list - updated weekly

It is IMPORTANT that you print out this list first before viewing the A-Z catalog as the catalog is not updated with the sold outs...only this list has the current information about what is now "not available" from the catalog.


2017 A-Z Catalog - SHORT no descript....(use with SOLD OUT list!)







2014 A-Z Catalog - LONG w/descriptions

...(use in combination with SOLD OUT list!)

This catalog prints out as 150 pages (or you can use it to scroll through as a single page on your computer and save to your documents)  It does take 13 sec. at high speed to load up (and much longer for dial-ups)...though this is only a one-time wait.  You can e-mail feedback to:


2014 List of Cheaper/Large amt. Iris...(use with SOLD OUT list!)


2014 Catalog of Newer Iris...(use with SOLD OUT list!)


2014 Catalog: Blyth / Ghio / Keppel ...(use with SOLD OUT list!)

(Others available upon request)








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