Blue J Iris

    2015 Catalog of Newer Iris (>2004)

 Blue J Iris, 40 Palomino Rd, Vado, NM, 88072; (915) 780-8927;



Name Type Year Intro Price Breeder Height Bloom Time Space Ager Rebl-oomer Description
Abby And Me TB 2004 $5.00 Burseen 37" M Yes No S. bright lemon yellow; style arms bright yellow; F. white, 1/4" bright yellow rim; beards dark buttercup yellow, white flounce ending in tattered yellow spoon; heavily ruffled, flared
Absolute Treasure TB 2006 $5.00 Tasco 42" M No No Sky blue self, style arms slightly lighter toward back, F. slightly lighter centers; beards white, tipped golden yellow in middle and throat, frosty white at end; heavily ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Adriatic Waves TB 2009 $7.00 Keppel 40 M No No S. and style arms near cornflower blue; F. medium violet-blue shading to steeplechase blue at margin; beards white tipped lemon, pale blue at end; heavily ruffled
Afternoon In Rio TB 2005 $5.00 Schreiner's 36" ML No No S. violet purple F. dark violet-purple, bronze rim, white blaze below beard; beards old gold.
And Away We Go TB 2008 $5.00 Lauer 36 EM No No S-amethyst violet; StAr-rose purple; F-amethyst violet, ltr cntr, lt.yel.shldr marks; B-canary yel, white ends; ruf, pron. sweet frag.
Angel's Awe TB 2007 $5.00 Van Liere 37" M No No White standards with just a hint of blue infusion, 1/8" yellow band at edge. The style crest is white with same yellow band near the tip. Pure white falls with the same 1/8" yellow band stopping at the hafts. The beards are reddish orange.
Animated IB 2008 $5.00 Sutton 20 EM No No S. and style arms violet blue; F. same, veined blue; beards white; slight spicy fragrance
ARTISTIC TOUCH - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 29" M Yes No S-lt.peach,veined drkr,w/peach-yel.edges; StAr-yel; F-white centers striped by violet veins, yel.edges & hafts; B-tangerine w/short fuzzy yel.horns
Ask A Lady TB 2005 $5.00 Blyth 36 EM No No S. white, faint pink flush at midrib; F. white, totally overlaid soft pink champagne deepening toward haft; beards white tipped soft tangerine coral, muted; pronounced sweet fragrance
Astro Blue TB 2008 $5.00 Schreiner's 35 M
No No S. and F. light blue; beards yellow, white at end
Attendant SDB 2004 $5.00 Johnson 13" EM No No S. brownish plum veined darker, ivory center veined and marked brownish plum; style arms brass brown; F. bright canary yellow, center dotted dark red brown, outer portion heavily marbled red brown; beards bright yellow, hairs dotted brown at end
Augustine TB 2005 $5.00 Schick 36" M No No S-pink-orange, SA-orang; F-orang, rose-oran.shldrs; B-oran; laced, slt.musky frag
Australian Rose' TB 2010 $8.00 Sutton 34 L-VL Yes No S. primrose yellow flushed and veined rose pink; style arms primrose yellow; F. yellow, shrimp red veining and shoulders, copper wire rim; beards tangerine, hairy horns; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Autumn Riesling TB 2006 $5.00 Schreiner's 40 ML No No S. orange apricot; F. orange apricot, yellow at center; beards tangerine
Autumn Rose TB 2008 $5.00 Spoon 34 M No No S. light rose-pink, veined darker; style arms same, yellowed edges; F. dark rose-pink, veined dark raspberry proximally, veined lighter distally; B-tangerine; ruffled, lightly laced; slt swt frag
Autumn Sunburst TB 2010 $8.00 Aitken 38 ML & RE No No S., style arms, F. and beards intense orange
Awesome Alex TB 2004 $5.00 Burseen 36" ML Yes No S-pearl white;F-cream,vio.wash,cream edg;B-bronze oran, lg,fuzzy purp.horn; ruf.--3/4" horn
Azure Like It SDB 2005 $5.00 Lauer 13.5" EM No No S. wisteria blue luminata wash overall;SA-wisteria blue; F. white, wisteria blue luminata wash extending downward, white area around beard; B- white, tangerine orange in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Ballerina Queen TB 2007 $5.00 Blyth 33 M No No S. strong light coral pink; F. pinkish violet, silvery cast, spreading lavender flash below deep tangerine beards; pronounced sweet fragrance
Ballet Performance TB 2007 $5.00 Johnson 39" E No No S. white ground, dp lilac-rose edg+dotng; SA-honey, buff pink cntr & crest; F-white grnd, nar.lilac-rose plicata edge, dpr haft on sides of B; B-orange, white end; musky frag.
Banana Cream Pie TB 2007 $5.00 Filardi 30 M No No S. white; style arms white, yellow at base; F. cream, darkening to straw yellow rim; beards yellow, slight white tip at end; slight sweet fragrance
Bargain Hunter TB 2010 $8.00 Black 39 ML No No S. white, fine crystalline gold rim, greenish midrib; StArms white; F. white, haft veined med.yel, lower ²⁄₃ of center vein/dotted purp, fine plum rim, lt yel. center stripe ²⁄₃ way down; B-bright orange; slight sweet fragrance
BASHFUL BALLERINA - 2012 Jedlicka Intro TB 2012 $14.00 L&K Jedlicka 35-36 M No No S-pink w/wide white edges; StArm-pink, lavender, and white w/lav.streaks and purple dots. F-medium purple w/light lavender borders, white w/purple veins nr B, subtle violet-blue stripe bisects; B-dk tangerine-orange
Batter Up TB 2004 $5.00 Black 35 EM Yes No S. med.yel…white upper½,, white area w/gold veining; StArm-med. gold, edges cream, crests gold; F. white, veining;, 1/2-3/4" fuzzy lt.violet horn; ruf; pron.spicy frag.
Battlestar Atlantis TB 2008 $5.00 Aitken 42 ML Yes No S., style arms and F. white; beards white, horns or spoons (unstable)
Be My Baby BB 2004 $5.00 Black 27" ML No No Ruffled opalescent pale pink, F. blending to white near beard; style arms light buff peach; beards white base, hairs tipped tangerine; pronounced spicy fragrance
Beautiful Friendship TB 2004 $5.00 Kerr 38" M No No S. and style arms light pink; F. white, yellow in throat, narrow blue lavender edge diffusing toward center; beards tangerine orange; slight sweet fragrance
BELIEVE IN MAGIC - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 32" M Yes No S&F-rosy pink centrs blend to; StAr-peachy pink; F-ltr cntrs&iridescent peach wash esp.on hafts; B-fat w/shrt, fuzzy ltr tang.horns
Beneath My Wings TB 2005 $5.00 Meininger 34" ML Yes No S. pure white; style arms white, soft blue grey midrib; F. periwinkle blue, 1/4" pale ivory border; beards goldenrod yellow, large blue lavender flounce or spoon
Berry Scary TB 2006 $5.00 Black 38 EM Yes No S. pastel greyed-orchid, drkr edges; StArms-buff orchid; F. dk red-purple centr blend to red violet, wide transluc.pearl-violet margin, white spray arnd beard, reverse brassy olive; beards orange, small violet horn; ruffled; pron. spicy frag.
Better Than Butter TB 2010 $8.00 Black 41 EM No No S. white, narrow bright yellow bands; style arms white, yellow crests; F. light medium yellow darkening toward edge, narrow muted gold band; beards pale yellow base tipped light tangerine; slight musky fragrance
BIG BANG THEORY - 2009 Jedlicka Intro BB 2009 $7.00 L&K Jedlicka 26" M Yes No Clear yel S are wide open to show off yel styles & flounces from above; very flaring F; B br tang; consistent carnation-like pompoms
Blackberry Tease TB 2004 $5.00 T.Johnson 38 EM No No S. dk purp-black, cntr white w/dk dots; S.Arms-dk purp, &viol, tan edge; F. white-cream grnd, dk plum plicata haft, red violet veins nr B, 1/2" dk w/ 1/2" plicata-veins; B-dk purp.end, burnt oran throat; heav.ruf; pron.musky frag
BLACKHILLS JEWELRY - 2010 Jedlicka Intro TB 2010 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 29-30" M No No S-blend of yel., pale peach, & light orange; StArm-pink & yel; F-yellow, whiter nr B, iridescent orange glitter on shouldr/hafts; B-tangerine-orange w/orange-yellow ends; light ruffles & lace; sweet fruity fragrance
Blackmail TB 2007 $5.00 Bruce 36 M No No S. deep maroon-black, black veining; style arms maroon black; F. deep maroon-black, minimal white peppering around beard; beards maroon violet tipped old gold; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance
Blazing Beacon TB 2005 $5.00 Tasco 36" ML Yes No S-Aureolin yel, SC-w.fringe; F-gold-yel.w/bronze ovrly, dkr brnz shldrs, B-yel end,bronze, tanger.thrt; occas.brwn.horns;~ruf;
Blinding Light TB 2005 $5.00 Ernst 35 M No No S. white, light gold-gilt highlights; style arms white, gilt on crests; F. yellow, lighter edge, blended white at center around beards; beards yellow, orange in throat; slight sweet fragrance
Blueberry Parfait TB 2009 $7.00       No No  
BOHEMIAN GIRL - 2012 Jedlicka Intro TB 2012 $14.00 L&K Jedlicka 33-34 L Yes No S-med yel.w/yel.diamond dust; StArms-yel.w/brown spots.  F-lg.white cntr, lav.-purple w/ 1/4” red-brown bordr, silver diam.dust on yel.hafts w/red-brown stripes; B-pure oran.throat w/dp yel.fuzzy taprd end (~tipd w/white hairs); thick sub; swt scent
Bohemian Rhapsody BB 2009 $7.00 Kerr 26 M No No S. and style arms medium pink; F. same, wide blue-violet band, lighter narrow edge, darker pink at haft, lighter area beyond beards and in veins which extend into the band; beards tangerine orange; slight sweet fragrance
Bold Move TB 2009 $7.00 Sutton 35 EML & RE No No S. and style arms yellow; F. washed violet, cornflower blue and red purple, ½” indian lake rim lightens to aster mauve edge, zonal area yellow with white spot ¼ of way down; beards yellow, orange in throat
Bollywood TB 2007 $5.00 Keppel 42 ML No No S. light yel, base slightly darker; style arms light yellow, pale lavender lip; F. foxglove shading to buff & lavender blended edge; shoulders sulphine yel; beards white tipped deep chrome yel, lavender end; ruffled
Bon Appetit TB 2006 $5.00 Aitken 44 ML No No S. medium pink; style arms pink; F. medium blue-lavender, lighter at beard, smooth pink flush over haft area; beards white tipped pink
Bonkers IB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 24 M No No S. smoky mauve overlay on khaki; yel.crests; F. velvety port wine, intense yel.hafts, shoulder striping, and wire rim; B-dp yel@end, oran thrt
Bright Sunshiny Day TB 2010 $8.00 Johnson, T. 41 M No No S. and style arms bright yellow; F. glowing yellow overlaid with mahogany veins becoming dotting and stippling and then gold band; beards golden yellow; musky fragrance.
BRIGHTER THAN DAYLIGHT - 2012 Jedlicka Intro TB 2012 $14.00 L&K Jedlicka 34-35 L No No S&F-day-glo orange; F-w/flash of white-yellow nr B, subtle pure yellow stripe goes down all, pink glow w/tangerine-orange stripes on hafts; B-intense tangerine; diamond-dust, thick substance, floriferous
BROWN SUEDE JACKET - 2009 Jedlicka Intro TB 2009 $7.00 L&K Jedlicka 31-33" M No No Open red-brown, turn med brown, then lighter brown with yel undertones; darker brown rays beside br gold-yel B
Brussels TB 2004 $5.00 Johnson 36 M No No S. medium dark blue, darkest at base, darker texture veining; style arms medium dark blue; F. icy blue white, greenish texture veining; beards white; heavily ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.
Bubble Bubble TB 2005 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S. blackish cherry-magenta; F. white base washed and lined overall with magenta black , wide dark magenta-cherry band; beards purple
BUBBLICIOUS BLUE - 2009 Jedlicka Intro TB 2009 $7.00 L&K Jedlicka 28-30" M No No Very ruf med true blue; styles blue; B-orange-yel in throat & rest white; very flaring; crepe texture
BUCKSKIN COWGIRL - 2012 Jedlicka Intro TB 2012 $14.00 L&K Jedlicka 32-33 EM No No S-beige-tan w/faint purplish cast, purp.veins on ribs, nar.frilled bright yellow rims; F- dark red-purple w/white luminata veins radiating from centr, white ar. B, lacy yel.rims, hafts w/ yel.; B-bright orange in throat, deep yel, lt.yel.-white end
Bugaboo IB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 27 M No No S. greyed hyacinth-violet, greyer@edge; F. greyed violet, mauve grey edge, mauve taupe shldrs, honey beige ground visible upr1/3; B-terracotta to red throat
Bundle Of Love BB 2007 $5.00 Black 26 EM No No S. warm buff pink blending to pale cream-buff band; style arms pale peach; F. white around beard blending to ivory, darkening slightly toward margin, pale gold texture veins and narrow band; beards tangerine; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance
BURST OF GLORY - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 40" E-M No No S-bright yellow; StAr-yel.w/lined serrated crests; F-lg.vibrant yel. sunburst 1/2 down into deep maroon-red btm&sides, hfts striped yel&red; B-throat dk orang to oran to yel.tip; ruf
Burst of Light TB 2007 $5.00 Nichols 34 M-VL No No S. ivory suffused gold, deeper at midrib base; style arms ivory and gold; F. ivory, gold hafts and edges; beards orange, white and lemon
By Design TB 2005 $5.00 Kerr 35" M No No S-blue white infus.dkr;,nar.lgtr edg.,white rays by B;
By Popular Demand TB 2006 $5.00 Black 37 ML No No S. buffy peach-pink, ltr edge, gilt gold halo ar edges; S.Arms peach; F. peach pink cntr veined red purp, sanding to velvety red-purp, lt peach rim, dkr peach cntr stripe; B tangerine; ruffled, lightly laced; slight sweet fragrance.
Bye Bye Love TB 2005 $5.00 Schreiner's 40" L No No S. pink; F. lavender orchid; beards orange, lavender at end.
Calamity Carol TB 2009 $7.00 Ernst 35 ML No No S. and style arms white; F. yellow ground, violet-magenta plicata markings and veining, white rim; beards orange; slight spicy fragrance
California Boy SDB 2004 $5.00 Tasco 11" M No No S. honey, yellowish near midrib; style arms pale yellow, edges and crests honey yellow; F. bronzed yellow, lighter edge and around beard; beards tangerine, medium violet at end; lightly ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance
California Dreamin TB 2004 $5.00 Sutton 36" L-VL Yes No S-lt.empire yel;F-lt.emp.yel.,pale absinthe wash;B-pale gold,cream end,lt.yel/absinthe flounce;ruf--1/4" horn
Call Attention TB 2005 $5.00 Kerr 42" M No No S. and style arms white; F. medium blue, lighter at edges, white spray pattern around beard; beards orange, white at end
Calling All Angels TB 2007 $5.00       No No  
Calm Assurance TB 2005 $5.00 Christoph-erson 28" EM No No S. white lightly veined green; F. light yellow washed with peach blending to white around beards; beards white at end, yellow in throat; slight sweet fragrance
Cameo Appearance TB 2006 $5.00 Black 40" ML No No S. blue violet lower half and rib blending into pearl grey-violet edge; style arms pearly buff-pink; F. light greyed violet-pink blending to greyed tan-pink, darker edge, purple deep in throat; beards tangerine peach; heavily laced; slight musky frag
Canaries And Cream TB 2005 $5.00 Nichols 36" E & RE No No S. and style arms bright clean yellow, style arms have darker ribs; F. white edged yellow; beards gold; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Candy Club TB 2006 $5.00 Painter 35-36 ML No No S. mauve pink, yel-cream; StAr-gold&mauve; F. hvy raspb.plicata marks on white grnd, violet dots in raspb.edge, slt yel shldr=dots appear red, pos.cntr stripe; B-white tipd gold; ruf; slt swt spicy frag.
Cape Perpetua TB 2006 $5.00 Schreiner's 37" ML No No Light blue self; beards yellow in throat, white tip; very lacy edges.
Caramel Dream TB 2010 $8.00 Sutton 33 EM No No S. butter yellow veined white; style arms yellow; F. bronzed yellow, butter yellow edge; beards yellow; ruffled, laced; slight spicy fragrance
Carnival Carousel TB 2005 $5.00 Begley 38" M No No S. orient pink, cool lavender pink central flush; SA orient pink; F. dark rose purple lining entire petal, solid wash lowr1/3, clear apricot wire rim, cinnamon shoulders; B mandarin red, large, bushy; ruf, laced; slt spicy frag
Casino Cruiser TB 2008 $5.00 Burseen 36 E Yes No S. blended yel.& buttercup yel.; StAr-buttercup yel.; F. same as S., maize yel.hafts, texture veined;, yel.spoons; ruffled; sweet fragrance
Casting Crowns TB 2006 $5.00 Van Liere 32" M No No S. and style arms white with gold rim; F. white, gold hafts; beards orange red; ruffled and laced; purple base foliage
Cat Call TB 2008 $5.00 Black 36 ML No No S. medium yel vein drkr yel, ltr margins; StAr w/dk violet lip; F. lilac violet, dark red-plum haft and blot arnd.B streaking over petal, hvy in cntr, slate-mauve blend band; B-dk gold; ruf; prncd spicy frag
Cat's Hat IB 2004 $5.00 Spoon 24" EM No No S. solid red blend of, white centers inside; style arms red blend; F. white ground, edges red blend, dark red veins extending into the white ground; beards lavender tipped old gold; ruffled.
Caveman TB 2009 $7.00 Worel 35 M No No S. white tinted blue; StArm-white, tinted lt.yel.edges; F. white tinted blue, faint yel.edge & shoulders; B lt yel. in throat, dark blue-purple tipped yellow in middle, dark blue at end; pronounced spicy fragrance.
Celestial Explosion TB 2004 $5.00 Tasco 35" EM No No S-violet; SA-viol.w/gold edg; F-white grnd,hvy pepperd violet,dkr.vio.rim; B-white;tipd .gold,vio.end; lght.ruf; sw.frag.
Center Ice TB 2010 $8.00 Ghio 32 VE-E No No S. white, blue-white haze at edge; style arms white; F. white, rosy violet band; beards cream, white at end
Changing Seasons TB 2004 $5.00 Schreiner's 36" ML No No S. and style arms white (RHS 97D); F. tan (164B); beards gold base, tipped light yellow
CHANTILLY BRIDE - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 32" M No No S&F-opaque white w/touch of base; StAr-white w/yel.sides&ser.crst; F-round & overlapping; B-snowy white w/ thrt; super ruf.&ser.lace edges
Check It Out TB 2007 $5.00 Lauer 38" EM & RE No No S. mimosa yellow, darker rim and base; style arms; F. barium yellow, mimosa yellow rim and shoulders; beards indian yellow in throat, straw yellow in middle, canary yellow  at end; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance
Cheyenne Sunset TB 2006 $5.00 Hedgecock 32" EM No No S. medium purple, ruffled; F. medium purple, large blue blaze below beards, slight brown markings on each side of beards, ruffled and fluted; beards burnt yellow; slight sweet fragrance
Chianti Classic TB 2010 $8.00 Aitken 38 M No No S. red purple; F. orange red, slightly darker rim; beards red
Christine Suchy TB 2006 $5.00 Burseen 37" EM Yes No S. very pale lilac, lighter than; style arms same washed pink; F. lighter; beards rose pink, fuzzy lilac-purple horns; very ruffled; sweet fragrance
Christmas Ice TB 2004 $5.00 Schick 37" M No No Heavily laced white self; F. with very light beige deep in base; beards chinese red, white at end; slight musky fragrance
Christmas Present TB 2007 $5.00 Ghio 34 ML No No Blue orchid self, F. lighter in center with greenish cast; beards tangerine, orchid at end
Circus Clown SDB 2005 $5.00 Black 13" M No No S. med slate-violet blending to ecru margin; SA lt slate-violet; F. med. smoky lavender, red violet diffused spot over cntr1/2, white patch veined red violet around B, narrow ecru band; B-white, tipped neon orange; ruf; slt sweet frag
City Of Gold TB 2005 $5.00 Black 41 ML No No S. white, veined, hvr fine veined band; StArm-med.yel; F. med-dark yel, 1½˝ wide area of red veins from B to ¾ way down, red stippling over lower half; B-bright orange-yellow; ruffled, lightly laced; pron sweet fragrance
Class Ring TB 2010 $8.00 Keppel 36 EM No No S. rubient; style arms laurel oak; F. cream white ground, ¼” rubient band, hafts darker, java brown suffusion; beards marigold orange, layered marigold orange/violet/white at end
Clear Choice TB 2007 $5.00 T.Johnson 32 VE No No S. peach pink; style arms same, yellow-pink crests; F. peach pink, large white area extending downward; beards tangerine, white tipped coral at end; ruffled, purple based foliage; sweet fragrance; glaciata pattern
Cloudbase TB 2006 $5.00 Roberts 36" E No No S. white, faint light blue band on upper third; style arms white; F. white ground, medium blue luminata overlay blending to white below white beards; slight fragrance
Clouds and Sky TB 2005 $5.00 Ernst 36" M No No S. white, very pale blue cast; style arms white, blue lip; F. medium blue and blue violet, white veining and center, pale blue edge; beards yellow
Codi's Angel Face TB 2004 $5.00 Schreiner's 36" M No No Pink self (RHS 65B); beards bright almost tangerine pink
Come Away With Me TB 2008 $5.00 Schreiner's 35 EML No No S. apricot pink; F. same, large 1 inch magenta band around edge; beards tangerine.
Comic Opera TB 2006 $5.00 Sutton 36 ML No No S. and style arms pansy; F. red violet fading to 1" violet-pink rim, blue violet center line, blue white dotting around beards; beards pansy tipped mustard; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Coming Storm TB 2006 $5.00 Schreiner's 37" M No No S. gray-lavender; F. purple lavender; beards light purple tipped yellow
Company Red TB 2010 $8.00 Schreiner's 36 ML No No S. wine red; F. wine red; beards purple.
Constantine TB 2005 $5.00 Schick 36-38" M No No S. creamy yellow, light pink infusion darkening to base; style arms creamy yellow; F. light toasted orange with hint of pink; beards toasted orange; lightly ruffled; slight musky fragrance
Coral Cove TB 2010 $8.00 Sutton 36 ML No No S. orient pink veined darker; style arms peach pink, plum purple crests; F. peach blending to plum purple halfway down petal, lighter wire edge; beards orange; slight sweet fragrance
Cornhusker TB 2005 $5.00 Stanek 37 EML & RE No Yes S. canary yellow (RHS 9B), midrib green; style arms and F. aureolin yellow (12A); beards solid indian yellow (17A); ruffled; slight musky fragrance
Cowboy Girl TB 2006 $5.00 Davis 34" E No No S. light bronze to gold; style arms gold; F. dark maroon, white and yellow veining in upper area; beards gold; ruffled; slight musky fragrance
Crazy TB 2006 $5.00 Spoon 35" ML Yes No S. lt magenta; SA-peachy yel edged lt yel, magenta mdrb, cres.v.lacd; F. dp magenta, lt edg, ltr magenta line-cntr, lt yel spray pat; B-white tipd oran-red, long upwrd fuzzy magenta horn w/ltr finger-like branch; ruf, laced, fluted; slt sweet frag
Crest Of the Wave TB 2009 $7.00 Filardi 37 M No No S. light blue darkening to wisteria blue base; style arms pale blue; F. white, palest blue wash on edges and in throat; beards blue white tipped yellow in throat; heavily ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.
Crete TB 2008 $5.00 johnson 35 M No No S. rich purple; style arms blue violet; F. near black, narrow purple band; beards brilliant orange; small flowers; pronounced sweet fragrance.
Crimson Lights TB 2004 $5.00 Nicodemus 34" M No No Ruffled dark black cherry red, F. with small white area by beard striated black cherry; beards black cherry red, hairs tipped bronze.
Crooked Little Smile TB 2008 $5.00 Van Liere 32 M No No S. and style arms bright golden-yellow, slightly cocked; F. yellow overlaid denim, narrow yellow edge; beards denim tipped golden yellow
Cross Examined TB 2008 $5.00 Van Liere 35 M Yes No S-pale lavender; StAr-yel; F-lav. Fading to white; B-yel, white end, fuzzy light blue horn.
Crown Of Thorns TB 2006 $5.00 Christoph-erson 32" M No No S. light lavender-blue blended light yellow at midribs; style arms yellow; F. lightly banded yellow, lavender blue wash blending to lavender veins on upper area; beards mustard, lavender at end, purple horns; slight sweet fragrance
Crow's Feet BB 2006 $5.00 Black 27" EM No No S. & SA white, crests edg peach; F. white, lined w/close purp veins from B-edg, outr 1/4 sanded purp btwn veins, nar.white rim partly arnd upr part on sides, outr edg haft veind med peach-plum; B-white tippd oran; ruf; slt musky frag
Crystal Fountain TB 2007 $5.00 Christoph-erson 37" M Yes No S&SA-white, faint blue cast; & haft rays blend to cream centr; B-yel, lt blue horns and end
Crystal Ship SDB 2006 $5.00 Lauer 10" EM No No S.aster violet, canary yel.base; SA-white; F-aster violet, white Luminata pattern arnd B,thin white rim; B-white, cadmium orange throat; ltly ruf, slt sweet frag.
CURVACEOUS CORAL - 2013 Jedlicka Intro TB 2013 $16.00 L&K Jedlicka 31-32 M No No S&F-melon coral w/ warm pink overlay appearing iridescent; Styles-coral; F-w/thin purp haft lines; B-coral orange; mild sweet-tart scent
Dance Recital TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S. light violet blue; style arms pale blue; F. pale blue, aging paler, to a near-white center; beards grenadine red, base white; slight sweet fragrance
Dancing Dolphin TB 2006 $5.00 Johnson 36 E No No S. white grnd, midrib, plicata marks-edges; StArm-dkr blue-violet; F. white grnd, med blue-violet plicata marks/centr stripe; B-blue violet tipd pale violet end, white mid, yel.throat; ruffled
Dancing On Air TB 2004 $5.00 Meek 33" EM No No S. blue lilac; F. wide yellowish tan edges, ivory center, blots of S. color, green veining; white beards
Darcy's Choice TB 2007 $5.00 Schreiner's 38 M No No S. and style arms light yellow; F. claret magenta, white blaze; beards yellow in throat, cream in middle, white at end.
Dark Hollow TB 2005 $5.00 Davis 34" M No No S. violet, deep purple at base; style arms light violet; F. violet, deeper purple at hafts and around beard, broad lighter violet edges; beards purple; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Dawn To Dusk TB 2008 $5.00 Schreiner's 36 L No No S-dusky rose pink; F-purple; B-old gold
Dearie TB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 36 ML No No S. light blue-orchid to vervain toward edge; style arms vervain; F. pinker to paler center; beards blue white, faintly tipped chinese orange in throat
Deliciously Different TB 2004 $5.00 Aitken 36 ML No No S. soft orange, pink infusion at midrib; style arms blended yellow and orange; F. creamy white, 1/4" rim of soft orange, orange blush on hafts; beards yellow tipped orange; lightly laced, gold glitter overall.
Denver Delight TB 2005 $5.00 Foster 35" M No No Ruffled dark blue self; beards cream white; slight musky fragrance
Desert Dawn Song TB 2006 $5.00 Meininger 31 EM No No S. and style arms soft mauve, deep merlot veins; F. merlot and rust combination, mauve rim and center line, nearly iridescent violet spot under rusty-gold beard; ruffled
Designer's Art TB 2005 $5.00 Kerr 36" ML No No S. and style arms cream yellow; F. white, wide blue band diffusing to center, wide yellow hafts; beards orange, white at end; slight sweet fragrance
Diamond Bracelet TB 2004 $5.00 Schreiner's 40 L No No White (RHS 155B) self; beards white, yellow in throat; laced
Discovered Treasure TB 2005 $5.00 Johnson 38" M No No S. buff pink, med violet center flush on lower petal; style arms buff pink, slight violet center flush; F. medium orchid-violet, orange buff ground arnd B; B-orange brown, hairs med orchid-violet@ base, tipd oran; ltly ruf; sweet frag
Disguise TB 2006 $5.00 Johnson 37" E No No S. orchid buff, maroon in heart; style arms buff, light maroon centers; F. maroon, deeper toward edge, salmon ground veined maroon around rust beard; slight fragrance
Dividing Line MTB 2005 $5.00 Bunnell 22 M No No S. pale blue violet fading to blue white; style arms pale purple; F. pale purple, bisected by pale purple midline, violet spot and white haft markings; beards yellow
Don't Miss This TB 2004 $5.00 Burseen 36" EM No No S-white,~yel.mdrib; F-white, shldrs;; ruf;pron.sweet fragrance
Doodads TB 2004 $5.00 Black 36" EM No No S. pearl, violet midrib flush, narrow yellow gold ban widening at base; style arms medium gold; F. violet blue, gold rim and haft; beards yellow gold, violet flounce edged tan; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.
Doohicky IB 2009 $7.00 Sutton 25 EML Yes No S. french rose, darker midline, yellow blush on edges; style arms french rose; F. pearl veined green yellow, faint yellow edge and shoulders; beards porcelain blue, bronze in throat, porcelain blue horns; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance
Double Overtime IB 2005 $5.00 Tasco 24" M & RE No No S-violet; F-slt.dkr reddish-purp.vio.; B-blue-vio.end, hairs white base w/; ~ruf;sl.sw.frag
Dragonmaster IB 2004 $5.00 Smith 25" EML No No S. red violet infused black, midrib brighter red violet; style arms dull gold, dark violet midrib and crests; F. velvety black red; beards smoky vermilion @ end, bright vermilion in throat; ruffled; slight spicy frag
DRAMA RAMA - 2010 Jedlicka Intro TB 2010 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 32" VL No No S-yellow-beige; StArm-yel. & lav, lacy crests; F-medium rose-violet, center lighter & bluer, yel. stripes on shoulders; B-orange in throat, orange-yel.mid, lav.end; ruffles, super-lace, diamond dust, light sweet fragrance
Dream Team TB 2007 $5.00 Johnson 35" E No No S-greenish white, ltr mdrb; SA-white, sides, cntr, edg crest; F-med.yel-green, ltr cntr ar B; B-orange throat, bluish tipd orange end; ruf; sweet frag
Dream Ticket TB 2006 $5.00 Lauer 36" ML No No S. orient pink; style arms neyron pink; F. cream edged mineral violet, patterned beetroot purple at shoulders; beards indian orange; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance
Dreamlife TB 2007 $5.00 Painter 36" M No No S. white; style arms same, touch of blue; F. white lightly washed blue, white remaining around beards, touch of yellow at hafts, deeper blue at shoulder edge; beards white, tipped yellow in throat; slight sweet fragrance
Dressed To Kill TB 2006 $5.00 Black 38" ML No No S. brassy gold cntr & dif marg, med slate-violet area w/brassy old-gold veins; SA butter edg, viol ridg, gold edge; F-dk red-purple blend wide paler greyed red-violet band, red viol cntr stripe, iridescent; B marigold, violet end; slt musky frag
DREW A ROYAL FLUSH - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 32" E No No S-lt.peach red-viol.w/lt.peach brdr; StAr-lt.peach; F-royal w/br.white, lt.peach wire rim; B-yel.thrt&mid, white ends; lt.ruf,diam.dust
Drive Me Wild TB 2007 $5.00 Johnson 35" M No No, dot dpr at base; F-buff grnd, dp violet rays & edg; B-tangerine throat; violet tipd tangerine end; ruf; musky frag
Drive My Car TB 2008 $5.00 Lauer 34 EM No No S. cornflower blue; style arms wisteria blue; F. aster violet, copper brown shoulders, white marks arnd spanish orange beard; ruffled; pron. sweet fragrance
Duded Up TB 2006 $5.00 Burseen 36" M Yes No Amaranth rose self; beards very large, bright dutch vermillion, large amaranth rose flounces; ruffled and laced
Dutch Custard TB 2008 $5.00 Van Liere 35 M No No S-white, faint yel.over veins; StAr-white; F-white overlaid darker yel; B-orange
Dutchman's Dream TB 2005 $5.00 Van Liere 36" M Yes No S. and style arms coral pink; F. dark lavender merging into icy blue and white area around beard; beards tangerine orange, small white horn
Eagle's Spirit TB 2004 $5.00 Sutton 36" ML & RE No No S. and style arms bluebird blue (RHS 94A), S. edge lighter; F. butterfly blue (near 106C), center washed bluebird blue, dark blue 1/4" wide line 3/4 way down; beards bluebird blue, bluebird blue horn; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Easy Being Green TB 2009 $7.00 Richards 40 M & RE No No S. yellow green; style arms brighter than S., white midrib, with pale blue influence, pale blue stigmatic lip; F. yellow green, brown striations at haft, pale blue area below yellow orange beards; slight fragrance
Elegance in Blue TB 2004 $5.00 Schreiner's 40 ML No No Medium blue self, white spot by beard; beards white, tipped yellow
Eliminator TB 2004 $5.00 Hedgecock 34 EM No No Purple, broken color pattern with white splashes and streaks; beards yellow, large purple flounce splashed and streaked white; slight sweet fragrance
Ella's Angel TB 2006 $5.00 Otterness 39 M No No S. very pale yel-oran, veined violet; StAr-pale cream;Stg.lip violet; F. violet@cntr, buff edges, bronze veins on white shldr; B-lt mustard, white tips, lt.mustard@end; very ruf; pron. sweet frag
Emilo TB 2007 $5.00 Richardson 32" M No No Soft pale blue self, creamy tints; beards deep blue; slight fragrance
Enchanted Circle TB 2007 $5.00 Filardi 34 L No No S. and style arms white edged pale blue; F. white, wide edge of moorish blue (Wilson 739/1); beards white tipped progressively brighter yellow into throat; slight sweet fragrance
Evening Drama TB 2004 $5.00 Black 36" M No No S. icy blue white, light purple basal flush; style arms icy blue white; F. velvety dark purple black, slightly lighter toward edge; beards brown, dark purple base; ruffled, lightly laced; slight sweet fragrance
Ever So Lovely TB 2007 $5.00 Schreiner's 35 ML No No S., style arms and F. rosy orchid; beards shrimp pink
Ever So Softly TB 2010 $8.00 Christoph-erson 36 M Yes No S. and style arms white; F. white ground, light blue luminata wash; beards lemon yellow, small lemon yellow horn.
Everything Plus Horns TB 2004 $5.00 Hedgecock 33 ML Yes No S. pale purple, white midrib infusion; F. white ground, medium purple plicata border and striations beside beard; beards bright yellow, 1/2" white and purple horn; slight sweet fragrance
Fabulous One TB 2006 $5.00 Nicodemus 29" ML No No S. light blue, deep blue flush up midrib; style arms light blue; F. very deep rich blue, slightly lighter each side of beards, velvety; beards deep blue, tipped gold in middle and throat; ruffled; purple based foliage
Fall Enterprise TB 2007 $5.00 Sutton 37 M-VL & RE No No S. white flushed yellow at base; style arms white veined yellow; F. violet blue, white starburst, red-purple rim and shoulders, white edge, yellow throat; beards yellow; serrated; slight musky fragrance
Fall Line IB 2009 $7.00 Sutton 20 ML & RE No No S. white and yellow ground washed plum purple; style arms plum; F. white ground veined and edged plum purple, yellow shoulders; beards white, bronze in throat; slight spicy fragrance
Fallalery TB 2010 $8.00 Johnson 34 ML No No S. and style arms clear bright sunshine yellow; F. same, white blaze in center below deep bright gold beards, lightly ruffled; heavily laced throughout; slight sweet fragrance.
Fanciful Vision TB 2006 $5.00 Nicodemus 32" L No No S. pale orchid, lavender violet midribs; style arms pale orchid, lavender violet midrib and around stigmatic lip; F. lavender violet, lighter around beards, downward darker veining; beards pale orchid, lemon yellow deep in throat; laced and ruffled
Fancy A Flutter TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 36 M No No S. creamy white, faint cream cast; F. lemon yellow, deepening at hafts, brown ray pattern extending down half way then fading; beards lemon yellow.
Fashion Queen TB 2004 $5.00 Schreiner's 40" ML No No S. and style arms apricot; F. violet purple; beards tangerine
Father Christmas TB 2010 $8.00 Spoon 37 ML No No S. peach, lighter edges, darker midribs; style arms peach; F. white, narrow light peach edges, intense peach hafts and shoulders; beards red orange; ruffled, fluted, heavily laced with bubble lace; slight sweet fragrance
Fern's Magic SDB 2009 $7.00 Stewart 14 M No No S. light straw yellow, lavender midrib; style arms darker yellow blended lavender; F. dark straw veined butterscotch, light straw rim; beards mandarin orange in throat, lavender at end, bushy; slight musky fragrance
Fine Mess TB 2009 $7.00 Sutton 33 M Yes No S. white ground, erratic yel.splotches, pur& magenta streaks; StArm-yel.streaked purp; F. white grnd, streaked magenta & pur.viol, gold wire edge; B-gold, flounces & horns, also streaks.; 3-5 F. and S., usually 4; slt sweet frag.
Finishing School TB 2005 $5.00 Ernst 36" E No No S. light purple; style arms peach, purple accents; F. peach pink, light violet edging, violet veining more visible near beard; beards tangerine; slight sweet fragrance.
Fire Coral SDB 2007 $5.00 Aitken 10 ML-VL No No S. and style arms hot orange; F. orange, burgundy red wash, lighter at edges, orange hafts; beards intense orange-red
Firebird Suite TB 2006 $5.00 Johnson 36 M No No Lightly ruffled bright flame orange, F. with golden glow around bright red beard; style arms bright orange; slight sweet fragrance
Flat Broke TB 2008 $5.00 Hedgecock 32 EM No No F. six, blue lavender, large white area below yellow beards; flat form; slight sweet fragrance
Florentine Silk TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 40" ML No No S. peach, slight orchid basal infusion; style arms peach, orchid midrib; F. medium violet, narrow pinkish buff edge; beards light blue at end, base lavender white, carrot red in throat
Fluffy Pillows TB 2008 $5.00 Schreiner's 36 M No No S. and F. white edged light blue; beards yellow, white at end; all petals drop down for 6F. Japanese iris form.
Flying Circus IB 2004 $5.00 Keppel 24" E No No S-nr.apricot flush.pale lilac; F-white grnd, peach shldrs,hvy plicata red-mulberry,buff edge, B-flame, white base
Flying Solo IB 2005 $5.00 Tasco 26" L Yes No S-venetian pink, slt vio.blush in base; F-lgt.orient pink, ltr.centr,faint apricot shldrs; B-rusty tanger,1" pale pink spears; sl.sw.frag
Focus On Me IB 2005 $5.00 Lauer 21.5" EM No No S. barium yellow, slightly darker midrib; style arms mimosa yellow; F. chrome yellow; beards lemon yellow, saffron yellow in throat; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance
Follow That Dream TB 2007 $5.00 Kerr 36" M No No Peach pink self, F. lighter in center; beards tangerine; heavily ruffled and laced
For Lovers Only TB 2008 $5.00 Black 37 EM No No S. medium pink; StArm-med.peach-pink; F. palest pink-white blend wide med-light pink marg. rim cream, diamond dusted, med pink hafts, green-pink texture veins; B-white tippd coral pink, white end; ruffled, lt laced; slt musky frag
Fortunate Son TB 2006 $5.00 Schreiner's 37 EM No No Wine red self; beards blue
FOURWARD THINKING - 2013 Jedlicka Intro IB 2013 $16.00 L&K Jedlicka 23-27 EM No No S-smoky pale yel. w/bright purp at the ribs, paler yel.edges;  F-dark purple velvet w/lt. yel.wire rim, little yel-orange sunburst ar.B; B-tangerine orange; mildly sweet-smelling; 15% blooms w/4 Std & Falls
Free Ride TB 2004 $5.00 Lauer 32" ML No No S-white grnd,1" edge/dot midrib&cntr; F-white,aster rim/shldrs;B-white,lemon thrt;ruf;pron.spc.fra
Frosty Moonscape TB 2006 $5.00 Aitken 34 ML & RE No No S. absent; style arms white; F. (6) white, soft blue halo flush around soft blue beards; flat form
FRUIT SHERBET - 2012 Jedlicka Intro TB 2012 $14.00 L&K Jedlicka 40-42 EM No No S-pale pinkish-peach w/nar.lacy yel.edges; StArm-orange w/yellow lace; F- pineapple-yellow w/white center with peachy haft marks; B-bright tangerine red-orange, yellow tip ends
Fruit Stripe BB 2009 $7.00 Sutton 23 EM & RE No No S. yellow orange flushed pink purple at midrib; style arms yellow orange; F. greyed orange, heavy red-purple wash, greyed orange rim; beards greyed orange tipped orange; slight sweet fragrance
FRUITSATION-2006 Jedlicka Intro TB 2006 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 36" M-L No No S/SA-soft peach; F-white centers merging to wide, rosy-violet grape edges; B-bright tangerine, white v.end
Full Figured TB 2005 $5.00 Johnson 36" L No No S-milky white, dp at base, blue-vio.up cntr; F-dp plush vio, dpr edges, white grnd&dp.vio veins ar.B; B-tang; hvy.ruf; sw.frag
FUZZY WUZZY ROCKET-2010 Jedlicka Intro TB 2010 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 38" EM Yes No S-coral-pink; StArm-coral, orange, & lav; F-royal red-purple, coral-pink border, orang stripes on hafts; B-bright tangerine w/ fuzzy lavender-pink horns arching upwards (consistent Space-Ager)
Gallery TB 2005 $5.00 T. Johnson 41 E No No S. nr solid dark mulb.-violet plic marks on white grnd; style arms buff, mulb. center and crest; F. creamy white grnd, nr ½˝ deep mulb. plic band, dpr at haft; B mulbry. end, rust in mid., tange. throat, hairs tange. base tipped white; slight frag
Garnet Slippers IB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 20" M No No S-burgandy, SA-grey-burgandy, edges gold-tan; F-red-blk; B-mandarin red
George Thallas TB 2008 $5.00 Flick 34" M No No S-purple, blended w/ drkr purple; SA-purple; F-red purple, lighter 1/8 edge, white veining@shldrs; B-red purple; slt sweet frag.
Gitano TB 2008 $5.00 Keppel 36 ML No No S. peach; style arms apricot salmon; F. imperial purple, edges slightly lighter, pale apricot salmon sunburst pattern veined salmon tan; beards solid red-orange, lightly velvet
GLACIER BLUSH - 2010 Jedlicka Intro TB 2010 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 33" EM No No S & F-pale peach-pink, StArm-pale peach & yel; F-also w/green-yel by B, faint green veins down cntr, orange iridescent glitter on shouldr/hafts; B-tangerine in the throat, yel. mid, end white; lightly ruffled & laced
Glacier Melt TB 2010 $8.00 Sutton 36 EML No No S. and style arms pale sea lavender (RHS 85D); F. center pale sea lavender lined with ray pattern of darker veins, sea lavender edge, 2˝ dark violet (86A) rim and ¹⁄₈˝ edge; beards gold, sea lavender at end; ruffled; slight musky fragrance
GLAMOR GIRL CURLS - 2009 Jedlicka Intro TB 2009 $7.00 L&K Jedlicka 28-30" M No No S-pink, lt orange edges; styles lt orange & pink; F-pink, paler center, lt orange edges; B-br tang; ruf, lace, fluting
GLITTER REPINK - 2007 Jedlicka Intro TB 2007 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 31" E & RE No Yes S/SA-light pink; w/lt.raspberry veining; B-dp.coral pink; lt.ruf; covered w/iridescent glitter; vigorous re-bloomer for cold; 7buds
GLO-RAY HALLELUJAH - 2009 Jedlicka Intro BB 2009 $7.00 L&K Jedlicka 24-26" EM No No Yel-ground luminata; S infused med pink-pur, yel edge; F infused red-pur, lt yel vein rays, br yel edge; B-dp or, lt or, & or-yel at end
GLORIOSO - 2006 Jedlicka Intro TB 2006 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 32" M-L No No S-glowing coral-pink w/lt.oran.rims;SA-coral-orange;F-peach-pink blend edges&glitter,sm.white blw B;B-coral tangerine;lt.laced&ruf.
Glory Of Dawn TB 2007 $5.00 Greenfield 34 M No No S. buff pink, darker at midribs, veined olive tan; style arms mauve tan-pink, darker mauve ribs; F. blended mauve tan-pink, darker mauve shoulders; beards red orange; ruffled
GLOWING RED LANTERN - 2007 Jedlicka Intro TB 2007 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 34" M No No S/SA-br.yel; F-red w/yel.stripes ar.B; B-bright orange; lt.ruf; 7 buds
Go For the Gold TB 2006 $5.00 Johnson 36 L No No S. and style arms antique gold; F. gold, shoulders overlaid burnt orange; beards burnt orange; ruffled, laced
GOOD AS GOLD - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 28-29" M No No S&F-Vibrant deep yel-gold w/red markings deep inside of throat; F-round; B-thrt orang to yel-oran. to br.yel tip
Good Point TB 2009 $7.00 Sutton 35 M-VL Yes No S. primrose yellow; style arms yellow; F. magnolia purple veined chartreuse, lighter edge, yellow shoulders and throat; beards yellow orange, fuzzy magnolia-purple horns; laced; pronounced sweet fragrance
Gossip Column TB 2005 $5.00 Sutton 34" ML Yes No S. pink edged shell; style arms pink; F. pale cream veined pink, pink shoulders; beards tangerine, bald lavender horns; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Grace Upon Grace TB 2008 $5.00 Roberts 38 VE No No S. white, fine black purple rim, black base; style arms white fading to light blue at upper end; F. black, slight white veining around beard; beards gold, light gold at end; slight spicy fragrance.
Gracious Gesture TB 2008 $5.00 Hager by Ernst 35 ML No No S. and F. red purple; style arms same, darker crests; beards purple tipped silver, yellow in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Grand Circle TB 2004 $5.00 Sutton 37 ML & RE Yes No S. snow white; style arms white, slight pale hyacinth wash; F. off-white, 1 " hyacinth blue (RHS 91A) rim; beards white to golden yellow hair tips to orange in throat, white horn; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Grateful Heart TB 2005 $5.00 Van Liere 33" M No No S. and style arms pale apricot; F. golden yellow, white area extending midway down falls below beard; beards fiery orange; lightly laced, ruffled
Grateful Praise TB 2006 $5.00 Van Liere 36" M No No S. creamy pink-peach, yellow blend toward edges; F. yellow gold, lighter in center; beards orange
Greatest Show on Earth TB 2010 $8.00 Kerr 36 M No No S. medium melon-orange; style arms orange; F. velvet black, white area with dark veins around beards; beards melon, hairs tipped tangerine
Griffin TB 2007 $5.00 Spoon 35 ML No No pink, peach pink@bases/cntr; StAr-peach pink, dkr mdrb/edges, v.lacy crests; F. rose pink, pink border& marks nr B; B-white, tipd tangerine mid/throat; flared, laced, ruffled, fluted
Hamlet's Robe TB 2004 $5.00 Rogers 30" E No No S. grayed peach pink; style arms grayed peach pink; F. grayed purple, lighter edge, white striping on each side of beard; beards grayed orange; ruffled; sweet fragrance
Harmonic Elegance TB 2008 $5.00 Sutton 36 EM No No S. and style arms almond shell; F. blended sulfur yellow, white zonal pattern ringed bronze yellow; beards dark gold; bubble ruffles; slight sweet fragrance
Harvest Maiden TB 2007 $5.00 Schreiner's 36 M No No S. and style arms blended brown, violet and tan; F. blended gold, copper and tan, blaze of violet brown in center, flared; beards gold tipped golden copper
Heaven and Earth TB 2005 $5.00 Lauer 30" EM No No S-white, phlox pink midrib, SA-white w/yel.edge; F-orient pink, buttercup yel.shldr; B-mandarin red; ruf; pron.sw.frag
HELLO HAPPINESS - 2009 Jedlicka Intro TB 2009 $7.00 L&K Jedlicka 30" ML Yes No Ruf br yel with yel styles; F streaked white in center; B-tang, or, & yel at end; fuzzy yel & white horns
He's A Rebel SDB 2004 $5.00 Lauer 10" E No No S. white ground, stripe/dot w/wisteria blue plic markings; SA-barium yellow (10B), wisteria blue crest; F. white ground, dotted wisteria blue, barium yellow rim/shoulders; B-cerulean blue, orange in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
HI THERE GORGEOUS - 2008 Jedlicka Intro TB 2008 $5.00 L&K Jedlicka 31" M No No S-white w/sm.purp splashes; StAr-white w/trace of lavender & serrat.crests; F-white grnd, 1/4 neat white brdr ar.dense purp. plicata dotting also on cntr line, hfts w/purp.veins; B-throat oran to yel to white tip; very ruf, slt.sweet scent,diamd dust
High Chaparral TB 2006 $5.00 Schreiner's 36" ML No No S. yellow; F. tan banded rose; beards yellow tipped orange; ruffled
HIGH FLYING FLAMINGO - 2012 Jedlicka Intro TB 2012 $14.00 L&K Jedlicka 37-39 M No No S-medium pink; Styles-soft coral pink; F-flamingo-pink, ltr center, orange at hafts; B-tangerine-orange, ½-1” hairy pink horns stand almost vertical
High Priestess TB 2005 $5.00 Baumunk 40" ML No No S. white; style arms orchid and yellow, crests orchid; F. white ground, dotted at hafts and washed bright orchid pink; beards white, light yellow end.
HIGH-KICKING ROCKETTES - 2010 Jedlicka Intro TB 2010 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 33" M Yes No S & StArm-warm coral-pink; F-white/peach/pink blend, orange hafts; B-bright coral-tangerine beards w/almost vertical ¾-1” horns, white w/ lavender & yellow; ruffled & laced; lt. sweet fragrance
Hold The Mustard TB 2005 $5.00 Nicholson 36" ML No No S-soft yel.; F-Mustard; B-bright yel.; ruf; sl.musky frag.
Holiday Romance TB 2009 $7.00 Kerr 29 ML No No S. white, extensive pink infusion from base; style arms white, pink crests; F. dark pink, hafts pinkish gold, narrow light edge, white area around beard veined darker pink; beards white tipped tangerine red
Honey and Welch's TB 2004 $5.00 Nicholson 34" M No No S-honey gold,purp.mdrib;,ltr.centr,purp.blw.B;,dp.purp.base;slt.musk.frag
Honeycomb TB 2006 $5.00 Lauer 34" EM No No S. butterscotch base, slight peachy cast up midrib fading to peachy yellow, thin white rim; style arms cream, peachy yellow crest; F. white base, wide orange buff rim, darker shoulders; beards fire red tipped yellow; ruffled; pron spicy frag
Hook Up TB 2005 $5.00 Miller 39" ML Yes No S. and style arms light sky blue; F. medium blue-violet; beards royal blue, small royal blue horn
Hoptoit TB 2004 $5.00 Burseen 36" L Yes No S. white; style arms white, washed violet blue; F. white, heavy violet blue (RHS 90D) wash; beards yellow, large uplifted light violet ruffled spoon; heavily ruffled, flared; slight sweet fragrance
Hot Glow IB 2006 $5.00 Tasco 23" EM & RE No No S. golden canary yellow; SA-golden canary yel, ltr midrb, britr crest; F. golden canary yellow, darker spot that lightens with age; B-white tipped burnt orange throat, tangerine mid, canary yel.end; ruffled; sweet fragrance
Hot Sauce IB 2007 $5.00 Sutton 26 EM No No S. blend of oxblood; style arms chrysanthemum; F. aureolin ground dotted, 1" oxblood rim; beards bronze, ruffled, slight sweet fragrance
Hot Secret TB 2004 $5.00 Blyth 33 VE-M No No S. rich apricot; F. rose over apricot; beards tangerine orange; flared and ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Howard Baker TB 2004 $5.00 Rudkin 34 EM No No Heavily ruffled blue white, F. texture veined, ivory center wash; beards blue white, hairs tipped yellow, yellow in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance
HYPERSPACE - 2010 Jedlicka Intro TB 2010 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 29" M Yes No S& StArm-rich pinkish-lavender, edged dkr lav. F-lt lavender-pink, med. lav. edges, oran-pink hafts. B-bright pink-tangerine,  long & arching lav. spoons, horns, & hairy pink “feathers”; ruf, lace, diamond dust; mild sweet frag.
Ice Capades TB 2008 $5.00 T.Johnson 37 L-VL No No S. heavily ruffled pale azure blue; style arms pale azure blue; F. icy blue-white blending to pale azure blue margins; beards pale lemon; laced; sweet fragrance
Ice Cream Social TB 2004 $5.00 Hensler 37" ML No No S. very pale cream pink; style arms dark cream, light golden yellow edge; F. very pale cocoa pink; beards orange red; slight fragrance
Icelandic Sea TB 2008 $5.00 Johnson 37 EM No No S. blue veined white; style arms pale to dark blue-purple; F. purple splash in center around beard, white rim; beard yellow tipped blue; slight fragrance
I'm Back TB 2007 $5.00 Johnson 36 M & RE No No S. and style arms medium red-purple, style crests feathered darker; F. plush purple-black; beards old gold; sweet fragrance
I'm So Vain TB 2008 $5.00 Burseen 35 ML Yes No S., style arms and F. cream edged yellow, F. bright yellow hafts; beards yellow, white double flounces end in yellow tatters
I'M TICKLED PINK - 2010 Jedlicka Intro TB 2010 $8.00 L&K Jedlicka 31-32" M No No Med. pink self; StAr-peach-pink, some lav; F-flaring, w/ tinted white in mid, peach-pink shoulders, orangey stripes deep in hafts; B-tangerine-pink, deep pink end; lace & ruffles, diamond dusting
Imposter TB 2006 $5.00 Johnson 36" L No No S&SA-buff apricot, deep violet spot at base (SA w/vio.crests); F-deep plush red violet, apricot grnd deep in heart; B-tangerine; sweet frag.
Imprint TB 2007 $5.00 Williamson 36" M No No S-soft pewter-lavender flushd rose lav.@mdrb; F-pale pewter-lav. Flushd drkr @edges, rose-lav. Hfts; B-white tipd tangerine-red
In Focus TB 2007 $5.00 Sutton 36 ML No No S. yellow; style arms yellow veined maroon; F. ruby red, lighter edge, yellow blaze around orange beard; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
In Living Color TB 2004 $5.00 Black 36" M No No S. bright med.yel;; F. w/small gold patch sides B, blending to plum on haft, blending outward to med vio/vio.tan, w/nar.gilt gold marg. band, short blue line blw B; B-bright gold; ruffled; pron.musky frag
In Love Again TB 2004 $5.00 Keppel 34" ML No No S. cupid pink; style arms near orient pink; F. orient pink, buff pink shading; beards ibis pink to tigerlily
In The Morning TB 2004 $5.00 Innerst 36 M No No Laced rose pink self; beards pink
In the Spotlight TB 2006 $5.00 Sutton 34 EM No No S. white, yellow base and edge; style arms white edged yellow, serrated; F. white, thin yellow edge, golden yellow shoulders; beards golden yellow; ruffled, laced; slight sweet fragrance
Indian Sunrise TB 2004 $5.00 Lauer 34" ML No No S.phlox pink ,F.bishops violet lighter haft,B.indian orange
Indian Sunset TB 2007 $5.00 Lauer 34 ML No No S. hazelnut, crimson midrib; style arms hazelnut; F. hazelnut, copper brown edge; beards shrimp red; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance
Indiana Dreams TB 2007 $5.00 Miller 36 E No No S. full blue, dotted over white in center; style arms blue and buff yellow; F. white, wide purple rim, purple lines in center; beards orange in throat, white tipped orange at end; slight musky fragrance
Indulgence TB 2004 $5.00 Blyth 36 ML No No S. lemon yellow shading to light butterscotch; F. plush burgundy, 1/4" sharp buff edge, some white haft veining; beards gold; strongly flared; pronounced sweet fragrance
Indy Edith TB 2005 $5.00 Burseen 36 M Yes No Marigold orange self, F. burnt orange edges; beards mandarin red , fuzzy marigold orange horns; ruffled and laced; slight spicy fragrance
Ink Patterns TB