Blue J Iris

2015 Catalog of Keppel's

 Blue J Iris, 40 Palomino Rd, Vado, NM, 88072; (915) 780-8927;


Name Type Year Intro Price Breeder Height Bloom Time Space Ager Rebl-oomer Description
Abstract Art TB 1990 $5.00 Keppel 32" M No No S-peach beige dotted rosy purple F-apricot dotted reddish purple B-terra cotta to spartan
Actress TB 1976 $5.00 Keppel 35" EM No No Wisteria violet self B-pale lavender-blue tip,orange in throat
Adriatic Waves TB 2009 $7.00 Keppel 40 M No No S. and style arms near cornflower blue; F. medium violet-blue shading to steeplechase blue at margin; beards white tipped lemon, pale blue at end; heavily ruffled
Alpenview TB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 40" EM No No S-columbine blue,outr1/2 pale,SA-blue/white F-white slight green-yel.shldr; B-white,yel.throat
Attitude IB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 22" M No No S-prune purple,ivory center; SA-violet,tan edges; F-white,purple border B-violet-brown-yellow
Babbling Brook TB 1966 $5.00 Keppel 38" M No No Light blue self
Balderdash TB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S.pastel golden buff to peach arms same,lavender midrib flush;F.imperial purple;B.tile red
Ballycastle IB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 24" E No No S-lgt pink, lav. cast; F-slightly lgtr pink cntr w/lav. pink edge; B-pale blue (pale yel.-tip) end,rust red thrt; sl.frag.
Ballyhoo TB 1970 $5.00 Keppel 38" M No No S-light yellow F-veronica violet, purple on hafts B-white tipped yellow
Bistro IB 1999 $5.00 Keppel 27" EML No No S-style arms goldenrod F-same,buckthorn brown overlay,goldenrod edge B-mustard-orange-tan
Blue Ballet TB 1990 $5.00 Keppel 34" EM No No S-light blue F-white,lavender blue margin B-blue white-yellow; fragrant
Bollywood TB 2007 $5.00 Keppel 42 ML No No S. light yel, base slightly darker; style arms light yellow, pale lavender lip; F. foxglove shading to buff & lavender blended edge; shoulders sulphine yel; beards white tipped deep chrome yel, lavender end; ruffled
Bonkers IB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 24 M No No S. smoky mauve overlay on khaki; yel.crests; F. velvety port wine, intense yel.hafts, shoulder striping, and wire rim; B-dp yel@end, oran thrt
Braggadocio TB 1997 $5.00 Keppel 30" ML No No S-honey beige,center lavender F-purple-wine,center plum,rim mauve B-burnt orange;fragrant
Brat IB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 26" M No No S. light chrome yellow to goldenrod; SA brighter chrome yellow; F. goldenrod edge and near beard, remainder lime yellow perilla purple central wash, fine leather brown haft dotting and netting; B-yellow ochre to bronze; pron.sweet frag.
Broad Shoulders TB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 38" M No No S.pallid lavender,veined & overlaid soft apricot buffF.dahlia purple velvety & veining B.henna
Bugaboo IB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 27 M No No S. greyed hyacinth-violet, greyer@edge; F. greyed violet, mauve grey edge, mauve taupe shldrs, honey beige ground visible upr1/3; B-terracotta to red throat
Candy Floss IB 1990 $5.00 Keppel 21" E & RE No No S-creamy peach, lav.; F-pale buff yel., 1/4" pink lav.marg; H-ecru w/sl.cinnam.plicata; B-oran;sl.sw.frag
Catalyst TB 1980 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No S-sunflower with gold at base F-darker,velvety yellow B-yellow-orange
Champagne Frost TB 1997 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No S-blue white,flushed pink,crested brushed buff peach F-peach buff B-orange-white;
Champagne Wishes TB 1992 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S-peachblow F-light salmon B-firecracker shaded lilac pink;fragrant
Citizen's Band IB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 25" E No No S.chicory blue,white in centr;F-white,royal purp3/8"; B-blue,yel.base; pron.sw.frag.
Class Ring TB 2010 $8.00 Keppel 36 EM No No S. rubient; style arms laurel oak; F. cream white ground, rubient band, hafts darker, java brown suffusion; beards marigold orange, layered marigold orange/violet/white at end
Classmate TB 1991 $5.00 Keppel 36" EM No No S-creamy peach F-jonquil hafts,paler center B-white-forsythia-orange;fragrant
Confession TB 1992 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No White,brushed lemon on hafts B-capucine red to flame;sweet fragrance
Confidante TB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 38" EM No No S-lavender pink flushed mauvette F-white,belladonna border B-orange-orchid;fragrant
Congratulations TB 1983 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No S-blue,violet flush on midrib F-violet,lighter edge B-blue-yellow;fragrant
Cross Current TB 1995 $5.00 Keppel 38" EM No No S-light blue F-violet-blue paling near blue white B: yellow throat;fragrant
Crowned Heads TB 1997 $5.00 Keppel 38" M No No S-wisteria violet,deeper base F-light blue,deeper heart B-blue,goldenrod throat;fragrant
Crystal Gazer TB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 34" M No No S. medium violet blue paling toward edge; style arms light violet blue; F. blue lilac paling to silvery lilac white center; beards lilac lavender, soft ibis pink in throat; ruffled, lightly laced
Dance Recital TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S. light violet blue; style arms pale blue; F. pale blue, aging paler, to a near-white center; beards grenadine red, base white; slight sweet fragrance
Daredevil TB 1988 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S-white,suffused columbine blue F-white,stitched blue edge B-orange;fragrant
Dawn Sky TB 1992 $5.00 Keppel 30" E No No S-lavender pink F-creamy pink to ivory,violet margin B-flamingo-pink
Dearie TB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 36 ML No No S. light blue-orchid to vervain toward edge; style arms vervain; F. pinker to paler center; beards blue white, faintly tipped chinese orange in throat
Doll IB 1987 $5.00 Keppel 22" M No No S-rosy beige w/ champagne; F-apricot cream grnd, rosy mauve H & 1/4" edge; B-white,yel tip,tanger.thrt
Domaine IB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 26" EM No No S-blend.grey rose ameth,ltr.rosy ecru edg; raspb./burgdy,speck.HFw/lt.apricot grnd.;,red end
Drama Queen TB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 38" EM No No cyclamen purp,faint buff grnd.@base;SA-rose brwn/pur;F-cyclamen,buff grnd.blaze/veins;B-rust.oran,pur.mid,wht.base; sl.sw.frag
Dublin IB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 20" M No No Light pink S with orchid base F-with paler center B-pale violet,white-yellow;fragrant
Dude IB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 26" EM No No S-buckthorn brown,cntr mauve; SA-brassy yel.;F-br.lem.yel.grnd,hvily overld tan/brazil brwn;B-dk cad.yel/mustrd
Emphasis TB 1977 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S-white marked with hyacinth blue F-white,blue edge B-blue tipped yellow
Faint Praise TB 1992 $5.00 Keppel 34" E No No S-white,lilac overall F-white,dotted violet,violet-lilac edge B-white-orange;fragrant
Fancy Dress TB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 34" E No No S-violet,paler veining F-darker violet,white around white-orange B;fragrant
Fancy Woman TB 1995 $5.00 Keppel 38" VE-EM No No S-french lilac w/light lilac-grey F-roman purple-french lilac,paler veining & edge B-orange;fragrant
Fashionably Late TB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 36" L No No S-rose violet F-same,old rose haft suffusion B-red;fragrant
Fiery Temper TB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S.rose purple; black;B.fiery red
Firewater TB 1977 $5.00 Keppel 32" M No No Med gentian blue self B.flame to orange
Flights of Fancy TB 1993 $5.00 Keppel 36" E No No S-white to rosy orchid F-paler oyster,deeper rosy orchid center B-white-flame;fragrant
Florentine Silk TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 40" ML No No S. peach, slight orchid basal infusion; style arms peach, orchid midrib; F. medium violet, narrow pinkish buff edge; beards light blue at end, base lavender white, carrot red in throat
Flying Circus IB 2004 $5.00 Keppel 24" E No No S-nr.apricot flush.pale lilac; F-white grnd, peach shldrs,hvy plicata red-mulberry,buff edge, B-flame, white base
Fogbound TB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 40" M No No S-blue white,lavender lip F-white,pink shading B-pinkish orange-white;fragrant
Foreign Accent TB 1991 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No S-apricot-peachglow suffused red violet F-golden apricot washed purple B-orange;fragrant
Foreign Legion TB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 39" ML No No S.chamois blended greyed mauve center;F.blackish cyclamen purple ;B.mikado orange
Fruit Cocktail IB 1997 $5.00 Keppel 23" M No No S-yellow,flushed vanilla center F-yellow ochre,yellow edge B-intense fire red;fragrant
Galway IB 1997 $5.00 Keppel 24" M No No S-light pink,flushed vanda,yellow edge F-peach-pink,paler below midnight sun-mikado B;fragrant
Game Plan TB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 37" M No No S. topaz, deeper base; style arms buff; F. burnished gold shading to buff center; beards tile red; foliage purple-based
Garnet Slippers IB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 20" M No No S-burgandy, SA-grey-burgandy, edges gold-tan; F-red-blk; B-mandarin red
Gigolo TB 1984 $5.00 Keppel 35" E No No S-near apricot F-same with rosy violet border & hafts B-tangerine orange;fragrant
Gitano TB 2008 $5.00 Keppel 36 ML No No S. peach; style arms apricot salmon; F. imperial purple, edges slightly lighter, pale apricot salmon sunburst pattern veined salmon tan; beards solid red-orange, lightly velvet
Guru IB 1994 $5.00 Keppel 22" ML No No S-near royal purple,white center F-matching edge,red shoulders,white blaze B-chrome orange-blue
Happenstance TB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 37" M No No Pink F-with paler center,pink shoulders,style arms creamy peach B-coral
Hot Topic TB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 27" EM No No S. kazak brown, dandelion base; style arms dandelion; F. darker kazak to brazil brown, intense dark dandelion heart, faint dandelion edge; B-darker than deep chrome yellow
Humoresque TB 1962 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No Pale gentian-blue to white ground;flecked B-blue tipped yellow
In Love Again TB 2004 $5.00 Keppel 34" ML No No S. cupid pink; style arms near orient pink; F. orient pink, buff pink shading; beards ibis pink to tigerlily
Jazz Band TB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 36 M No No S. and style arms buff orange; F. same, wine band 1/2" to 1" wide; beards vermillion
Jersey Bounce TB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 38" EM No No Cream whit; S&F-pale yel.@tips;H-slt.soft yel./~pink;B-indian oran; pron.sweet frag.
Jump Start IB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 23" M No No S-burgundy;SA-drk wine;F-velvety red black;B-burnt orange,firecracker thrt;Fol-vy.purp.based
La Scala TB 2008 $5.00 Keppel 37 EM No No S. greyed pinkish lavender blending to violet orchid center; style arms creamy peach, midrib lavender; F. pale pink, center lighter and creamier, hafts flushed creamy peach; beards white tipped flame.
Legerdemain TB 2008 $5.00 Keppel 34 ML No No S. and style arms light blue; F. vervain center blending to parchment toward edge, darker at haft; beards white tipped orange vermillion
Limonada IB 2007 $5.00 Keppel 26" M No No Sulphur yellow self; beards yellow orange in throat, yellow at end
Local Color TB 1996 $5.00 Keppel 40" M No No S-roman purple,styles lighter F-dark purple,violet edge,white near orange B
Logo IB 1986 $5.00 Keppel 18" M No No S-india buff F-salmon buff, light violet hafts,amethyst plicata ring B-capucine red;fragrant
Londonderry IB 1996 $5.00 Keppel 24" EM No No S-style arms pastel pinkish lilac F-same,paling white center B-white-lemon-tangerine;
Lonely Hearts TB 1999 $5.00 Keppel 36" EM No No S-peachbloom,flushed pink,golden apricot margin F-peach,dotted purple band B-coral orange;fragrant
Lotus Land TB 1999 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S-miniature pink,style arms buff pink F-creamier buff pink B-melon;fragrant
Lovely Dawn TB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 34" EM No No S-pink,lavender midrib flush F-pinkish cream,solid cattleya border B-pinkish coral;fragrant
Lunar Frost IB 1996 $5.00 Keppel 23" M No No S-style arms white F-white,spot of yellow B-white,yellow throat;fragrant
Masked Bandit IB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 26" EM Yes No S-greyed mauve,buff center,styles br;F-lemon marked velvety port wine ,purple B-br--1/4" horn
Master Plan TB 1995 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No S-purplish rose,cream base F-purplish rose border,cream ground B-brownish brick,red throat;fragrant
Merchant Marine TB 2007 $5.00 Keppel 38" M No No S. medium blue; style arms lighter blue; F. slightly deeper medium blue; beards light blue, sunflower in throat; ruffled.
Miami Beach TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 40 M No No S. and style arms empire yellow (M&P 9-K-3); F. pinard yellow (9-J-2), paler center spot; beards tangerine orange (1-A-12); sweet fragrance.
Moonglade IB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 18" EM No No S-slate purple,veined paler grey-mauve F-purp.lav. edge B-white-yel;fragrant
Morning Mood TB 1998 $5.00 Keppel 35" EM No No S-buff peach,lavender midrib F-cream white,purple edge & hafts B-pink-flame;fragrant
Nectar IB 1990 $5.00 Keppel 23" EM No No S-straw flushed moonmist F-yellow,edge near maple B-cadmium orange,mikado throat; fragrant
Night Game TB 1996 $5.00 Keppel 42" ML No No S-eggplant-violet F-velvety blackish purple,purple edge B-brick orange,violet base;fragrant
Open Sea TB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 47" ML No No Ruffled medium blue self; beards yellow, light blue base
Opposing Forces TB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S. warm pinkish grey, strong veronica violet central area; style arms warm pinkish grey; F. cream, shoulders flushed pinkish ivory, haft amber yellow; beards solid bright orange; ruffled
Overcast SDB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 14 M No No S. lt ecru-tan flushed lavender; StAr-lavender, crests pineapple; F. lavender blue to chartreuse yellow edge &slightly dpr.hafts, hazel&white haft reticul; B-cream, tipd lt yel@end, bronze throat
Parisian Dawn TB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 36" ML No No S. apricot cream, center faintly flushed pink; style arms apricot cream; F. creamier center shading to mauve  edge; beards scarlet vermillion
Patina TB 1976 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No S-greenish yellow w/olive F-greenish-yellow edged brown B-dull brown
Persona MTB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 18" M No No S-mauve w/taupe, SA-same w/lav; F-white grnd, dk.veined mulberry, lower "heather" flush, nar.edge like S; B-dkr yel.throar,lt.yel end
Poet's Rhyme TB 2006 $5.00 Keppel 37 EM No No S. violet, lighter toward edge; style arms light blue, violet lip; F. light blue aging lighter; beards blue, yellow in throat
Polished Manners TB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 36" EM No No S.violet to vatican violet base,center lighter,style royal purple;B.canterbury
Protocol IB 1996 $5.00 Keppel 23" EM No No S-white,flushed yellow center F-darker,paling at edge B-white-yellow;fragrant
Raging Tide TB 2007 $5.00 Keppel 38 ML No No S. blue, edged darker; style arms pale blue; F. medium violet-blue center, 1 1/2" outer area pale blue; beards blue white tipped lemon, white tipped lemon in throat; very ruffled
Raspberry Fudge TB 1989 $5.00 Keppel 36" EM No No S-mauve F-yellow,white area near B,purple margin & hafts B-white-purple-orange tip
Reckless Abandon TB 2010 $8.00 Keppel 38 M No No S. center sulphur to citron yel. to warm white texture veined yel. at outer portion, nar. dandelion edge; crests dandelion; F. burgundy black, large central area white to cream strongly veined burgundy black; B-solid deep chrome to cadmium yel
Redondo IB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 22" M No No S.raisin pale yellow ground;arms wineberryF.wide raisin band,hafts,yellow,ivory blazeB.lavender tip
Rinky-Dink BB 1993 $5.00 Keppel 25" ML Yes No S-flesh blond,greyed orchid center F-vanilla,purple edge B-red-purple;fragrant--1/4" horn
Rio TB 2001 $5.00 Keppel 38" ML No No S.maize midrib peachF.pinkish purple,wash maize lighter1/8 edge;B.solid burnt orange
Ripple Effect TB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 32" EM No No S. light blue deepening to violet blue center; style arms light blue; F. pale blue shaded edge, pallid blue center; beards bright marigold to cadmium yellow; ruffled, waved; pron sweet frag
Rosarita TB 1989 $5.00 Keppel 38" EM No No S-golden buff edge & ground,suffused pink F-vanilla,wineberry hafts & dotted edge B-terra cotta-red;fragrant
Rosy Cloud TB 1985 $5.00 Keppel 35" M-L No No S-pale pink,orchid midrib F-white with rosy orchid border B-white,tangerine throat
Roundup TB 1974 $5.00 Keppel 32" M No No Cream ground plicata stitched brownish rose B-light yellow
Royal Sterling TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 40" ML No No S. lavender white flushed orchid  toward base; style arms lavender white to light orchid; F. silvery white, slightly deeper  toward edge; B-white lightly tipped bittersweet pink throat
Ruby Slippers IB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 22" M No No S-burgandy; SA-blended liver brown; F-velvety burgandy red black; B-solid orange red
Russian Violet TB 2010 $8.00 Keppel 36 ML No No S. and style arms litho purple (M&P 44-1-8/9); F. veronica violet (43-H-10) shading to litho purple toward edge, hafts aster violet (44-EF-7); beards greyed melon pink (4-E-10), ontario violet (43-B-7) at end
Rustler TB 1988 $5.00 Keppel 37" M No No S-gold flushed rose F-henna,paling to gold B-gold tipped chrome orange;fragrant
Santana TB 1978 $5.00 Keppel 36" M No No S-mimosa ground,suffused brown F-mimosa ground,edged brown B-yellow
Screen Play TB 1996 $5.00 Keppel 38" E No No S-greyed rose orchid with suffusion of warm grey F-pinkish ivory,raisin purple plicata edge B-pumpkin-white;
Sea Power TB 1999 $5.00 Keppel 38" M No No S-blue,paler edge F-blue,paling toward edge,tan haft suffusion B-blue-white-lemon;fragrant
Secret Rites TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 40" M No No S. pale grey green, brighter chartreuse yellow edge shading, greyed violet center; style arms chartreuse yellow; F. chartreuse yellow shaded citron yellow and pyrethrum yellow; beards golden glow to deep chrome yellow; slight sweet frag
Secret Service TB 2002 $5.00 Keppel 42" ML No No S. light plumbago blue heavily overlaid light bistre green; style arms bistre green, violet center; F. eggplant black; beards orange peel to orange rufous; foliage purple-based
Sharpshooter TB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 37" M No No S-lavender blue,amber tan basal suffusion F-purple,violet edge B-navaho-violet;
Silk Brocade TB 1999 $5.00 Keppel 35" EM No No S-pinkish viol,gry white center,salmon buff marg; F-white-cream-pale peach,edg grey-red B-oran-white;frag.
Silk Road TB 2008 $5.00 Keppel 40 ML No No S. light green-yel, base yellow, blue violet midrib stripe on inner surface; style arms light greenish yellow, lavender midrib and flush; F. violet blue, pale blue edge, shoulders quince yellow; B-deep chrome yel, pale blue end
Skyblaze TB 1987 $5.00 Keppel 35" M No No S-near chicory blue F-chicory blue B-burnt orange to red;sweet fragrance
Social Graces TB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 38" ML No No S-rosy lilac,style arms pink F-orchid pink,creamy buff hafts & undertoning B-red-melon;fragrant
Spirit World TB 1994 $5.00 Keppel 36" EM No No S-irregular yellow edge,violet center F-yellow edge,coronation-cyclamen B-golden poppy-mikado;fragrant
Star Fleet TB 1993 $5.00 Keppel 38" ML No No S-mulberry purple F-canterbury purple,redder margins B-red-orange-lavender
Sunblaze TB 2004 $5.00 Keppel 35" EM No No Bright golden glow to dandelion self; beards brighter and darker than chrome yellow; pronounced spicy sweet fragrance
Suspicion TB 1999 $5.00 Keppel 38" M No No S-greyed greenish yellow,violet center F-greenish yellow,darker margins B-yellow;fragrant
Synergy IB 2004 $5.00 Keppel 25" M No No S-maple cntr w/rosy lilac;SA-peach buff; F-same as S w/edge paler,shdlrs dkr; B-burnt tomato red
Tantrum IB 1997 $5.00 Keppel 24" EM No No S-light yellow,greyed rosy brown center F-lemon,oxblood border B-yellow;fragrant
Team Spirit TB 2005 $5.00 Keppel 36" EM No No S. and style arms light blue; F. royal purple edge to clematis, lighter and bluer near beard, small white spray pattern area; beards pinkish red; sweet fragrance
Telepathy TB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 38" EM No No S-lav.orchid,cntr paling-agate grey edg;F-purp,slt.velvet,white luminata circ/vein;fnt.apric-Hf;B-white end,tip'd.yel.mid,red base;pron.sw.frag.
Trade Secret TB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 36" EML No No S. chartreuse yellow, base blended ramier blue to digitalis; style arms chartreuse yellow, lavender lip; F. chartreuse yellow, paler center, darker shoulders; beards golden yellow; slight sweet fragrance
Triplet IB 1988 $5.00 Keppel 23" M No No S-rose quartz,flushed nankeen F-reed yellow,rosy mauve haft,paler edge B-yellow-orange;fragrant
Twilight Blaze TB 1992 $5.00 Keppel 30" EM No No S-violet,paling edge F-violet center,greying hafts,blended honey beige B-red;fragrant
Uptown Lady TB 2010 $8.00 Keppel 33 L-VL No No S. light lavender-blue to violet blue at base; style arms lavender blue; F. light lavender-blue changing to silvery lavender-blue center, slightly deeper shading in throat; beards blue white
Venetian Glass TB 2003 $5.00 Keppel 33" M No No S-pink-white, outr.part; SA-palest pink; F-same w/creamier cntr; B-blue-white to cream-wht, in thrt; ruf, ltly.laced
Vienna Waltz TB 2000 $5.00 Keppel 36" M-VL No No Heavily ruffled,laced milky orchid,F.slightly paler cream undertoning;B.melon
Vivien TB 1979 $5.00 Keppel 37" EM No No S-clear light blue F-same,paling B-Indian orange with white base
Wishful Thinking TB 1996 $5.00 Keppel 40-44" M No No S-blue paler edge F-paler silvery blue,chartreuse yellow B-yellow-lavender white;fragrant