Blue J Iris

2015 Catalog of Ghio's

 Blue J Iris, 40 Palomino Rd, Vado, NM, 88072; (915) 780-8927;



Name Type Year Intro Price Breeder Height Bloom Time Space Ager Rebl-oomer Description
Amplified TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 36" L-VL No No S.yellow orange,red infusion,F.bright yellow orange, white base
Ardor TB 1987 $5.00 Ghio 32" L-VL No No Coral, infused orange B-tangerine
Boy Wonder IB 1977 $5.00 Ghio 20" E No No S-burnt gold F-burnished golden tan B-gold
Bubble Bubble TB 2005 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S. blackish cherry-magenta; F. white base washed and lined overall with magenta black , wide dark magenta-cherry band; beards purple
Bubble Up TB 1989 $5.00 Ghio 38" E-L No No Salmon pink B-red
Bubbling Over TB 1982 $5.00 Ghio 36" EML No No Fluted blue lilac self B-white
Bubbly Mood TB 1984 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No Pure white B-white
Bursting Bubbles TB 2001 $5.00 Ghio 35" EM No No Ture med pink self;B.tangerine
Bygone Era TB 1990 $5.00 Ghio 36" E-M No No Pink silver B-red
Café Society TB 1985 $5.00 Ghio 38" ML No No Golden tan B-tan
Center Ice TB 2010 $8.00 Ghio 32 VE-E No No S. white, blue-white haze at edge; style arms white; F. white, rosy violet band; beards cream, white at end
Chinese New Year TB 1997 $5.00 Ghio 37" ML No No S-buckskin F-blended rose,fuchsia,wine & tan B-red
Christmas Present TB 2007 $5.00 Ghio 34 ML No No Blue orchid self, F. lighter in center with greenish cast; beards tangerine, orchid at end
Chuckles TB 1987 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM No No S-mid-pink F-white,stitched rose B-tangerine
Cinnamon TB 1983 $5.00 Ghio 38 L-VL No No S. tan; F. tan, solid henna shoulders, violet flush; tan beard; sweet fragrance
Coffee Klatch TB 1986 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No Coffee brown B-tan
Connection TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S-blue white; SA-yellow; F-purple, shoulders blending w/red; B-red
Costa Rica TB 1994 $5.00 Ghio by Maryott's 37" ML No No S-very pale lavender F-deep red-violet;B-prominent tangerine
Cover Page TB 2002 $5.00 Ghio 32" ML No No S.cherry crimson;style mahogany gold;F.mahogany gold deeping blackish edge,violet flush;
Cupid's Arrow TB 1990 $5.00 Ghio 38" E-M No No S-pink F-white,strong pink orchid purple edge B-red
Cutting Edge TB 1994 $5.00 Ghio 33" ML No No S-deep coral pink F-white,edged pink B-coral on blue base
Decipher TB 1996 $5.00 Ghio 32" ML No No S-rosy lavender F-white, washed & lined rosy lavender B-dark tangerine
Designer Gown TB 1985 $5.00 Ghio 34" EM No No S-pink orchid F-light pink,deeper at hafts B-tangerine
Divinity TB 1986 $5.00 Ghio 38" E-L No No White B-red
Double Dribble TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 36 EM & RE No No White, heavily lined & overstreaked dark blue B-yellow tipped white
Double Scoop TB 1981 $5.00 Ghio 34" EM & RE No No S-apricot F-blue violet,darker spot B-red
Engaging TB 1997 $5.00 Ghio 32" ML No No Rosy heliotrope F-aging to silver sheen B-brick,blue at end
Entangled TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 34" EML No No S-pink,violet infusion F-pink overlaid & lined red purple,pink edge B-red
Entourage TB 1977 $5.00 Ghio 40" E-L No No Hazy rose self B-tangerine
Epicenter TB 1994 $5.00 Ghio 42" EM No No S-sold black cherry F-orange salmon,dotted black cherry at edge B-sienna
Evening Gown TB 1987 $5.00 Ghio 38" M No No S-petunia purple F-concord purple with velvety finish B-dark roslyn blue
Feelings TB 2002 $5.00 Ghio 32" EM No No cherry,pink edge;F.blackish rose,patterning in heart;B.tangerine
Filibuster TB 1993 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S-solid pink wine F-white,pink wine lines & dotting overall,white around tangerine B
Fortunata TB 1986 $5.00 Ghio 38" E-L No No S-melon F-cool white,melon rim & shoulders B-tangerine
Genuflect TB 2001 $5.00 Ghio 30" ML No No; F.lavender w/pink shoulders bleeding down ward; B.tangerine
Gold Country TB 1987 $5.00 Ghio 38" EM No No Smooth gold B-gold
Handiwork TB 1983 $5.00 Ghio 34" ML No No S-blue violet on white F-white,marbled blue violet,white around blue white B
Handshake TB 1992 $5.00 Ghio 34" VE-E No No White plicata stitched blue,deeper shoulders B-yellow
Highness TB 1981 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No Warm pink,shading to white in center of F B-tangerine
Honeymoon Suite TB 1991 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S-pastel pink F-light orchid pink B-tangerine
Hot Streak TB 1988 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM No No S-gold F-white,stitched red B-yellow
Idol TB 1999 $5.00 Ghio 38" EML No No S. golden apricot orange; F. solid claret red; beards red.
Inaugural Ball TB 1988 $5.00 Ghio 40" EM-L No No Metallic red purple B-blue
Indiscreet TB 1988 $5.00 Ghio 38" EM No No S-magenta F-salmon,heavily stitched magenta at edges B-tangerine
Inner Circle BB 1977 $5.00 Ghio 24" E-M No No Light blue with deep red-blue blot on F B-blue
Inside Job TB 2006 $5.00 Ghio 34 ML No No S. light blue shading to turquoise at base; F. blue white overlaid medium blue, light blue band around edge; beards lemon tipped white.
Lady Friend TB 1981 $5.00 Ghio 38" VE-E No No Garnet red B-red
Laugh Lines TB 1999 $5.00 Ghio 36" EML No No S-almost solid wine purple F-white,overall white purple lining B-red
Liaison TB 1986 $5.00 Ghio 36" M No No S-pink,peach midrib F-deep velvety purple,pink band B-orange;
Light Years TB 1982 $5.00 Ghio 34" EM No No S.bright yellow;F.white w/laced yellow edge B.yellow
Lineup TB 1974 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S.white;,deeper blue stripe up center
Lip Service TB 2001 $5.00 Ghio 34" EML No No S-violet, paling to apricot at edge; SA-apricot pink; F-apricot w/ violet overlay; B-light tangerine
Lost And Found TB 2004 $5.00 Ghio 34" ML No No S. white, apricot veining from base; F. apricot orange, hairline white edge, faint purple speckles at end of petal; beards light tangerine
Magic Happens TB 2006 $5.00 Ghio 35" EM No No S. white, gold halo; F. white, strong blue-violet radiating overall from gold shoulders, banded buff cream; beards orange tangerine.
Malaguena TB 1985 $5.00 Ghio 40" E-L No Yes Heavily ruffled orange,white area around tangerine B
Managua TB 1994 $5.00 Ghio 36" EML No No Opague orange self B-tangerine
Mandela TB 1999 $5.00 Ghio 32" ML No No S-lavender pink midrib deeper lavender F-deep lavender pink B-tangerine
Marauder TB 1984 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM No No Maroon red with blackish sheen B-yellow
Marching Band TB 2006 $5.00 Ghio 38 ML No No S. and F. orange, F. banded wide violet-orchid; beards tangerine
Marriage Vows TB 1987 $5.00 Ghio 38" ML No No S-light blue-pink F-bluish white,lightly picoteed pink band B-tangerine
Montevideo TB 1987 $5.00 Ghio 38" L-VL No No Mid to dark orange B-tangerine
Mountain Majesty TB 1995 $5.00 Ghio 36 ML No No Deep purple self with blackish sheen; beards violet; scalloped ruffling
Niche BB 2007 $5.00 Ghio 26" EM No No S. white; F. white, wide blue-violet band; beards red.
Night Attack TB 1993 $5.00 Ghio 40" EM No No S-blue-purple F-black with blue-purple hairline edge B-tangerine tipped purple
Notorious TB 1991 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S-pink F-pink sunburst blending to purple edge B-tangerine
Novella BB 1983 $5.00 Ghio 24" E-M No No Cranberry,violet flashon;F.,self;B.
Ocean Pacific TB 1988 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM & RE No No Mid-blue B-blue
Ocelot TB 1998 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM No No S-peach F-maroon with blackish sheen B-tangerine
Old Master TB 1980 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S.mid-brown;,brown,violet blend;B.tan
Ostentatious TB 1998 $5.00 Ghio 38" ML No No S-black cherry F-gold,maroon band with dotting inside band,white around sienna B
Overseas TB 1994 $5.00 Ghio 38" ML No No True mid-blue self B-blue
Palm Reader TB 1999 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM No No White,overall lining & dotting of rosy blue B-light tangerine
Pennant Fever TB 2002 $5.00 Ghio 32" EML No No S.white,arms white,gold fringe;F.purple,gold sunburst pattern;B.tangerine
Poetic TB 1992 $5.00 Ghio 32" L-VL No No S-coral orange F-white,coral orange edge & shoulders B-tangerine
Power Surge TB 1991 $5.00 Ghio 40" EML No No S-salmon overlaid magenta F-salmon apricot,edged magenta
Premonition TB 1978 $5.00 Ghio 32" ML No No S-light blue F-deep blue,light blue edge B-blue
Prototype TB 2001 $5.00 Ghio 36" L No No S.white;F.pale pink.shoulder deeper,purple speckles at edge&hafts;
Rancho Grande TB 1988 $5.00 Ghio 35" EM No No S-mocha brown F-honey mocha B-honey
Reality TB 1995 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S-deep mauvewood F-metallic rosy mauvewood,violet blaze B-burnt orange
Red Skies TB 2007 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM No No S. claret-mahogany; F. red mahogany, blue blaze; beards gold
Resonance TB 2006 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No S. steel blue; F. lighter steel blue, pink blush; beards tangerine tipped blue.
Return Address TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 38" L & RE No No S-orange F-white,banded orange B-orange tangerine
Return to Sender TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 37" M & RE No No S.cyclamen purple,dark midrib,white ground,arms mallow purple;F.deeper striations center strip;B.white
Revere TB 2002 $5.00 Ghio 40" VE-EM No No S.white yellow halo;F.white blue rim;
Rite Of Passage TB 2007 $5.00 Ghio 40 ML No No S. mother of pearl pink, pink at base and up midrib; F. creamy blue-pink; beards tangerine, blue at end
Role Reversal TB 2010 $8.00 Ghio 38 ML No No S. deep blue-violet; style arms rose pink; F. dusky rose-pink; beards tangerine
Romantic Evening TB 1996 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No Yes S-lilac blue F-blackish red-purple B-deep brick
Select Circle TB 1997 $5.00 Ghio 38" EML No No S-blackish plum dotting-stitch on white F-white,edge dotted & stitched blackish plum B-brick,purple end
Silent Screen Star TB 2006 $5.00 Ghio 35 ML No No S. creamy golden-apricot; F. pale blue washed golden apricot, hairline cream edge; beards light tangerine
Skipalong TB 1996 $5.00 Ghio 33" EM No No S-marbled rose heliotrope F-white,lined heliotrope,speckled B-white,tangerine throat
Snowed In TB 1999 $5.00 Ghio 34" EML No No S-light blue,tan edge F-violet black,white sunburst around red B
Soap Opera TB 1982 $5.00 Ghio 32" E-M-L No Yes S-green tan blend F-blue violet,edged color of S B-tan
Somersault TB 1995 $5.00 Ghio 42" ML No No S-plum over salmon F-salmon,edge of plum lines & dots B-sienna
Speculator TB 1983 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No Bright maize gold B-gold
Splurge TB 2010 $8.00 Ghio 30 ML No No S. light pink; style arms pink; F. pink, deep coral shoulders, strong red-violet line and speckles in center to distal edge; beards tangerine
Stage Lights TB 1999 $5.00 Ghio 38" M No No S.peach,midrib flush maroon,style light peach; maroon luminata,peach,halo around;B peach.
Starring TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 33" ML No No S.white;style white,gold-fringed crests;F.purple black;B.brick red
Treasured TB 2004 $5.00 Ghio 42" EM No No Alabaster pink, S. with deeper midrib, F. with deeper shoulders; beards coral, blue at end
Tropica TB 1983 $5.00 Ghio 34" ML No No S-orange F-orange,red infusion around red B
Unconditional Love TB 2010 $8.00 Ghio 36 EML No No S. medium pink; style arms pink; F. light pink, deeper shoulders; beards tangerine
Vapor TB 2002 $5.00 Ghio 38" ML No No White w/F,lined&wash.vio,shldr.apricot,lt.yel.laced edg; B-tangerine,white end
Veneer TB 1981 $5.00 Ghio 38" ML No No Darkest brown self B-dark brown
Veneration TB 1971 $5.00 Ghio 36" EM No No S.light blue;F.deep blue-purple;B.light blue
Visiting Royalty TB 2000 $5.00 Ghio 37" M No No S-red violet F-velvety maroon black,lighter red violet reverse B-bright orange
Water Ballet TB 1993 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No Azure blue self B-cream
Well Endowed TB 1979 $5.00 Ghio 40" EM No No Bright gold self with small white area below gold B
Winning Note TB 1985 $5.00 Ghio 36" ML No No Peach coral; tangerine beard