Blue J Iris

2015 Catalog of Blyth's

 Blue J Iris, 40 Palomino Rd, Vado, NM, 88072; (915) 780-8927;


Name Type Year Intro Price Breeder Height Bloom Time Space Ager Rebl-oomer Description
About Town TB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 40" EM No No S-silvery mauve lilac F-red violet,silvery mauve lilac edge B-tangerine;laced
Affaire TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No S-lavender to blue-grey F-greenish mustard,tan overlay B-yellow mustard
Alpine Journey TB 1984 $5.00 Blyth 38" E-EM No No S-snow white F-golden yellow B-golden yellow
Amber Snow TB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 36" VE-E No No S-pure white F-rich apricot B-bright tangerine
Ancient Echoes TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 34" ML No No S-gold F-plush red black,tan edge B-bronze tipped gold;fragrant
And Royal TB 1990 $5.00 Blyth 36" VE-EM No No S-off white F-rosy violet,ruffled & waved B-bright gold
Arabian Story TB 1998 $5.00 Blyth 34-36" EM No No S. bright mustard yellow; F. red brown, slightly lighter near mustard beard; ruffled; sweet fragrance
Ask A Lady TB 2005 $5.00 Blyth 36 EM No No S. white, faint pink flush at midrib; F. white, totally overlaid soft pink champagne deepening toward haft; beards white tipped soft tangerine coral, muted; pronounced sweet fragrance
Aura Light TB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 34" EM No No S-white F-brilliant gold;ruffled B-mustard
Awakening Dreams TB 1999 $5.00 Blyth 35" ML No No S-pastel pink;F-ltr to pinkish white cntr;B-white,w/tangerine in thrt
Aztec Burst TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 38" VE-EM No No S-white F-apricot to light orange B-apricot-tangerine
Ballerina Queen TB 2007 $5.00 Blyth 33 M No No S. strong light coral pink; F. pinkish violet, silvery cast, spreading lavender flash below deep tangerine beards; pronounced sweet fragrance
Beach Boy TB 1985 $5.00 Blyth 37" VE-M No No S-apricot F-orange B-brilliant tangerine
Bliss Bomb TB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No S-pastel orchid lilac to white; F-pastel orchid lilac,ltr.cntr; B-bril.coral red; ruf;sl.sw.frag
Blue For You TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 36" EML No No Silvery iridescent blue w/shot silk effect B-navy-white;sweet fragrance
Born at Dawn TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 34-36" ML No No Iridescent silvery blue,deeper on S midribs & hafts of F B-matching
Brickle IB 2000 $5.00 Blyth 25" EM No No S-rich purp to blackish;F-cream to lemon grnd, purp-blk stitching;B-bright tangerine
Burst TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No S-golden butterscotch F-same with red infusion B-mustard;sweet fragrance
But Beautiful TB 1998 $5.00 Blyth 38" VE-E No No S-icy blue white,tangerine tan base F-coffee tan,dusted rose overlay B-tangerine;fragrant
Cabaret Royale TB 1976 $5.00 Blyth 36" M-ML No No S-light blue with violet around midribs F-black violet B-coral tangerine
Cameo Wine TB 1982 $5.00 Blyth 36" M No No S-soft pink with bluish hue at midrib F-deep rose pink,light edges B-burnt tangerine
Candy Clouds TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 36" ML No No S-lt.coral pink; F-coral pink,creamy cntr area,magenta haft vein; B-bright saturn red; ruf;flared
Captive IB 1999 $5.00 Blyth 22" ML No No S-pink/pink-mushrm, sl.deepr midrib F-rosy pink wash lav., sl.violet signal; B-white, hairs tip tanger; vy.fragrant,sw.
Castaway TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 34" EM No No S-light to med metallic orange with pinkish midrib F-same B-orange-tangerine
Catch a Cloud TB 1999 $5.00 Blyth 37" M No No pure white; B-white, lemon yel.base; slight frag.
Chanted SDB 1990 $5.00 Blyth 13" M No No Pink with smoky cast B-lavender blue,tangerine in throat
Chargold SDB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 14" M No No S. honey gold, brownish gold markings; F. honey gold, white central area, dotted and sanded lavender; beards white, hairs tipped lavender at end
Child of Fortune TB 1979 $5.00 Blyth 32" M No No S-pink F-pink,overlaid rose-lilac B-tangerine-red;
Chinese Treasure TB 1983 $5.00 Blyth 36" E-EM No No S-white,often pink around midrib F-strong bluish rose pink B-mandarin red
Coffee Whispers TB 1999 $5.00 Blyth 38" M No No S.white creamy midrim, pink,blendedpastel lavender blaze1/8 white edge,B.tangerine
Colour Page TB 1989 $5.00 Blyth 38" E-M No No S-pale orchid blue F-red,pink & grey blend or chartreuse rosy tan B-tangerine red
Copatonic TB 1994 $5.00 Blyth 34" EM No No S-russet brown F-ruby brown,russet brown edge B-mustard yellow;
Crackles IB 1990 $5.00 Blyth 20" EM No No S-white,veined & edged light violet F-white,violet edge down sides B-tangerine-white
Crazy For You TB 1998 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No S-oyster grey,pinkish beige midrib F-oyster grey overlaid rose grey,grey edge B-white-bronze tangerine;frag.
Crimson Snow TB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 32" E-M Yes No S-orchid pink(near white) F-ruby rose,pink white band B-white tipped tangerine--1/4" horn
Dance Man TB 1989 $5.00 Blyth 38" M-L No No Bright yellow,pale cream outpouring below gold B
Devil's Riot TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 34" ML No No S-apricot, violet at midrib F-red-burgundy,B-orange tangerine;fragrant
Dream Lord TB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 38" VE-EM No No S.orchid to icy oyster; burgundy,plush finish;B.bright mustard
Drinks At Sunset TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 36" M No No S. terracotta rose; F. terracotta rose overlaid light rose burgundy, 1/4" terracotta rose edge; beards bright tangerine; sweet fragrance
Drum Song IB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 25" EML No No S.white, F.butter yellow; B.lemon,outer 1/2 pastel lavender
English Charm TB 1989 $5.00 Blyth 34" M No Yes S-cream,veined lemon F-smooth light apricot,cream edge B-tangerine
Enjoy The Party TB 1999 $5.00 Blyth 35" VE-EM No No S. off-white, faint orchid blush, midrib creamier; F. plush red burgundy, 1/4" soft lilac edge; beards bright mustard yellow; musky fragrance
Eurythmic TB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 36" E-M No No S-pink buff with violet F-lavender magenta lower half,plum burgundy upper B-tangerine
Eye Wonder IB 1998 $5.00 Blyth 25" EML No No S-buff gold,red-vio.midrib flush; F-plush, burgundy; B-lav,hrs.tip.dp.bronze…large; sl.sw.frag
Fancy A Flutter TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 36 M No No S. creamy white, faint cream cast; F. lemon yellow, deepening at hafts, brown ray pattern extending down half way then fading; beards lemon yellow.
Final Episode TB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 35" L & RE No No S. blended lemon buff to brassy gold, edges lighter, deeper at midrib; F. violet with plush finish, lightening toward edge, 1/8" grey edge, hafts overlaid red brown; beards old gold
Fine Precedent TB 1977 $5.00 Blyth 36" M No No Red-black self; self beard.
Flirting SDB 1998 $5.00 Blyth 14 EML Yes No Bright flamingo pink, F. slightly deeper, with light tannish haft area; beards burnt tangerine, 1/4" blue lavender end
Foreign Knight TB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 38" EM No No S-oyster,mushroom midrib F-reddish rose,oyster edge B-red tangerine;fragrant
Furioso IB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 24" EM No No S-medium pink F-orange apricot B-bright saturn red;sweet fragrance
Gallant Rogue TB 1990 $5.00 Blyth 37" ML No No S-pinkish lilac flushed rosier F-reddish purple to black,violet rim B-flame;fragrant
Gentleman Jim TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 36" ML No No S. snow white; F. red violet, some veining around apricot beard; slight fragrance
Going Home TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 36" M No No S-creamy white,pink midrib F-cream white,pink overlay,deeper pink veining B-tangerine;fragrant
Goldcinda TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No Vibrant lemon yellow,white in F B-lemon yellow;dark-based foliage;fragrant
Got The Blues TB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 35" ML No No S-silvery pastel blue F-violet to red violet,paling edge B-blue,lemon in throat
Gracious Curves TB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 39" VE No No S-pure white,mdrib w/lilac;F-br.fuschia magenta-rosy plum,3/8"wht.edg;B-br.tanger;musky frag.
Green and Gifted TB 1989 $5.00 Blyth 36-38" E-M No No S-greenish champagne cream F-blue when fresh,fading to S color B-brown-gold
Harmonics TB 1994 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No S-white stitched light blue F-white stitched deep blue;B-whitish-lemon
High Master TB 2000 $5.00 Blyth 36 ML No No S.lemon,orchid rose excepat edge;F.rose magenta1/8 lemon edgeB.yellow, orange throat
Honey House TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No S. lemon yellow, deeper yellow around midrib, 1/4" edge; F. yellow overlaid light tan deepening slightly at haft with few white haft marks, creamy lemon 1/4" blended edge; beards white tipped old gold; heavily ruffled; sweet fragrance
Hostess Royale TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 42" ML No No Peach with creamy white area around apricot tangerine beards; pronounced sweet fragrance
Hot Gossip TB 1992 $5.00 Blyth 34" EM No No S-buff-pink f-lavender-pink B-saturn red
Hot Secret TB 2004 $5.00 Blyth 33 VE-M No No S. rich apricot; F. rose over apricot; beards tangerine orange; flared and ruffled; slight sweet fragrance
Hush at Twilight TB 1981 $5.00 Blyth 38" M-ML No No S-creamy apricot F-creamy apricot,washed rose pink B-tangerine
Imprimis TB 1992 $5.00 Blyth 40" EM No No S-icy oyster F-smoky rose B-bronze tangerine;slight fragrance
In A Kiss TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 38" M No No Pinkish champagne, F. with blending and lightly veined outpouring of violet pink; beards white, hairs tipped tangerine in throat; ruffled, laced; slight sweet fragrance
In Town TB 1988 $5.00 Blyth 38" EM No No S-blue lavender,deeper at midrib F-velvety blue purple,lavender edge B-tangerine,lavender tip
Indulgence TB 2004 $5.00 Blyth 36 ML No No S. lemon yellow shading to light butterscotch; F. plush burgundy, 1/4" sharp buff edge, some white haft veining; beards gold; strongly flared; pronounced sweet fragrance
Ingenious BB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 22" ML No No S.rosy violet;F.ruby to ruby black w/1/2"rosy band B.violet tip bronze-black
Jazzamatazz SDB 1986 $5.00 Blyth 15" M-ML No No S. ruffled creamy lemon; F. rich ruby, 1/4" creamy lemon edge; gold beard tipped white
Just Crazy TB 2007 $5.00 Blyth 36 EM No No S. light coffee to coffee honey; F. slightly deeper than S., deeper coffee-brown veins overall; beards tangerine bronze in throat, lavender tipped coffee bronze at end; musky fragrance
Just Delicious TB 1989 $5.00 Blyth 36" E-M No No S-champagne pink F-white,rosy violet stitching,strippling on inner F B-orange-tangerine
Lassoed TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 42" EM No No S-white w/rosy pat; F-pure white,ltly.stitch 1/2"rosy lav.edge,dpr.rosy-lav.-magenta dots/lines hafts/upr,vio.dart belw.B; B-white,tang.tip;sl.frag
Legato TB 1991 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No Vibrant metallic orange,plicata markings around bright orange B
Lemon Silence TB 1994 $5.00 Blyth 36" EML No No S-lemon yellow F-white,lemon edge B-bright yellow;sweet fragrance
Let's Elope IB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 24" EM No No S-vibrant coral-rose-pink,violet midrib F-similar w/tannish rose overlay,violet below saturn red B
Light Beam TB 1985 $5.00 Blyth 34" E-M & RE No No S-solid lemon F-white stitched bright lemon B-lemon yellow
Lilac Wine TB 1977 $5.00 Blyth 36" E-M No No S-lilac deepening to beige at midribs F-velvety plum red B-lemon yellow
Local Hero IB 2000 $5.00 Blyth 22" ML No No S-solid gold; F-white, 3/8"bright solid gold edgge; B-lt.bronze, tangerine base; slt.sw.frag.
Love The Sun TB 1983 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM-M No No S-lemon yellow F-warm gold,yellow edge;B-deep gold
Love To Party TB 2008 $5.00 Blyth 36 EM No No S. light honey butterscotch, some pink blush at midrib; F. blended pinkish rose shading to soft violet in center, fine gilt wire edge; beards tangerine orange
Lunch in Madrid TB 2007 $5.00 Blyth 40 ML No No S. pink, heavy violet blush toward midrib; F. blended soft salmon and pastel pink, more salmon at haft; beards tangerine orange; pronounced musky fragrance
Magharee TB 1986 $5.00 Blyth 40" M-L No No S-white,pink at midrib F-rose to orchid pink,white edge B-orange tangerine
Magic Child IB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 18-20" EM No No S.pastel blue white;F.lavender blue,deeper blue haft marking;B.white tip tangerine
Magic Man TB 1979 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No S-light blue deeper around midrib F-velvety purple with lt blue edge B-tangerine
Makadola TB 1983 $5.00 Blyth 36" M-ML No No S-lilac, deepening toward midrib F-violet,lilac edge B-bronze
Mastery TB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 36" L-VL No No S. clear butterscotch; F. ruby red brown, 3/4" tan beige band; beards old gold; slight sweet fragrance
Midas Plush IB 1990 $5.00 Blyth 22" EM No No Brilliant gold B-chrome gold
Midday Blues IB 1985 $5.00 Blyth 24" E-M No No S. powder blue; F. deeper blue overlaid lavender; blue beard
Mind's Eye TB 1994 $5.00 Blyth 34" EM No No S-pure white F-peachy apricot,white edge B-saturn red;fragrant
Moroccan Magic TB 2004 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No S. peach with pinkish rose infusion from base and midrib; F. burgundy black with wire edge of S. color; beards deep tangerine orange.
Mystic Magic TB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 34" M-L No No S-deep rich blue violet F-velvety smooth black,blue violet edge B-tangerine
Mystic Potion IB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 24" EM No No S-smoky mushroom pink,midrib lav; F-smoky,mushrm pink ovr rosy lav. B-navy black
Natural Grace TB 1998 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No Silvery blue self, slt.dpr.S,mdrib,base;Hf-~burgundy tan;B-lavender,tips mustard;ruf,slt.frag
Neutron Dance TB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 34" E-L No No S-pure white F-rich butter gold B-gold
Noble Dragon TB 2003 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No S. rich apricot, midrib flushed rose; F. blended deep rose to rosy terracotta, creamy white on haft; beards bright orange tangerine; strongly flared; slight fragrance
Noble Poet TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 38 ML No No S. lemon gold; F. tan, deeper at hafts, broad blue blaze extending over most of F.; beards mustard gold; slight spicy fragrance.
O' Cool IB 1989 $5.00 Blyth 20" EM-M No No S-gold,crests blend from violet to gold F-bronzy golden brown B-violet-gold;fragrant
Oh James TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 42" EML No No Iridescent orange self; B-same
Palace Symphony TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 36 M No No S. light magenta-burgundy, bronze blush at midrib; F. bright light magenta-burgundy, bluish wash at center, bronze hafts; beards bronze, outer half purple bronze; slight sweet fragrance.
Paris Option TB 2005 $5.00 Blyth 38" E No No S. oyster grey, faint rosy pink infusion; F. red violet, ý lavender edge; beards light bronze, end violet tipped bronze; slight sweet fragrance
Pass the Wine TB 1985 $5.00 Blyth 36" E-M No No S-champagne with smoky lavender F-velvety red plum, lilac rose edge B-tangerine red
Perhaps Love TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 40" M No No S-white,pink midrib flush F-pink,creamy-white pink center B-tangerine
Pharaoh's Spirit TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 38" EM No No S-apricot bisque,sl.lav.mdrb vein; F-blnd lilac ovr cream out.part, br.rosy poum centr;B-tanger,viol.end;sl.frag
Physique TB 1988 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No S-powder blue F-iridescent violet B-bright tangerine
Pirate Ahoy TB 2005 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No S. bright lemon yellow; F. red burgundy to ruby, bright yellow even starburst pattern extending half way down; beards bright gold
Polar Queen TB 1994 $5.00 Blyth 36-38" ML No No S-white,lemon yellow midrib F-yellow,white edge & patterning B-mustard;fragrant
Pompeii Lady TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 36" ML No No S-apricot with smoky cast F-pastel rose,smoky cast & apricot around hafts & tangerine B
Posh IB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 20" M-ML No No S. iridescent orange gold apricot; F. slightly deeper; white beard heavily tipped saturn red
Powderpuff Girl TB 2008 $5.00 Blyth 38 M No No S. soft peach blend; F. same, more creamy, slightly deeper ¼” band; beards bright tangerine; slight sweet fragrance
Pure Romance TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 37 M No No S. smoky light pink, slightly deeper at midrib; F. light burgundy red with ¹⁄₈˝ edge of S. color; muted tangerine beards; slight sweet fragrance
Racing Heart TB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 44" VE No No S. icy lavender; F. light violet, 1/4" lavender band, hafts reddish ochre; beards bright tangerine red; laced; musky fragrance
Ranee's Palace TB 1985 $5.00 Blyth 42" M No No S-peach F-lavender, solid magenta hafts B-vivid tangerine
Rogue Trader TB 2007 $5.00 Blyth 35 ML No No S. creamy lemon, ¼˝ slightly deeper lemon edge; F. red burgundy, ¼˝ lemon edge, slight cream lower center line; beards bright mustard; sweet fragrance
Roman Song TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No S-pastel pink F-white plicata w/rosy lavender stitching B-apricot
Romp IB 1988 $5.00 Blyth 18-20 M-ML No No S. creamy apricot; F. apricot orange; vivid tangerine beard
Ruling Lord TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 36" ML No No S. lemon yellow shaded honey buff; F. ruby to plum, 1/4" buff edge; beards muted old gold; pronounced sweet fragrance
Rumours IB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 20" VE-M No No S-soft pink,near white F-deeper mushroom pink B-tangerine; fragrant
Sajjetta AB 1974 $5.00 Blyth 16" E-M No No flecked maroon;F.reddish maroon
Samba Queen TB 2009 $7.00 Blyth 35 M No No S. opalescent pink, peach blush; F. burgundy red, heavy white spray pattern extending half way down, edge of S. color; beards muted tangerine; slight fragrance
Scottish Rebel TB 2003 $5.00 Blyth 36" M No No S. apricot bisque, faint violet midrib infusion; F. bright ruby to plum red burgundy, small white area either side of tangerine beard
Scottish Reel TB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 34" EM No No S. rosy tan, gold flush around midrib; F. creamy blend with hint of lavender, light rosy tan marginal band, gold hafts; beards yellow gold; pronounced sweet fragrance
Sculptured Wild IB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 25" ML No No S-3/8"lem.chart.edge,blend to vio.midrib; F-plum burgundy,1/8"lav-grey edg,white vein up.haft; B-old gold, end;pron.sw.frag
Shadows Cast IB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 20" VE-EM No No S-smoky pink,mdrib w/vio; F-vio,lg.burgundy spot 3/4 area;1/8"smoky pink edg;B-burgundy
Shared Secrets TB 2005 $5.00 Blyth 38 EM No No S. lilac, soft rosy tan at midrib blending to soft buff cream at edges; F. red violet with ³⁄₈˝ edge of lilac, tidy and neat white outpouring at beards; slightly burnt deep tangerine beards; pronounced sweet fragrance
She's Sweet TB 2003 $5.00 Blyth 29 EML No No S. light icy lavender, slightly lighter lavender-veined flush spreading from midrib; F. smooth silvery blue white; beards white, hairs tipped lemon; slight sweet fragrance
Shiver Of Gold TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 34 VVE No No S. pure white; F. lemon yellow to citrus yellow; beards gold; sweet fragrance
Sigh Of Colours TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 32" VE-M No No S. lemon cream; F. white ground, 3/4" soft lavender pink plicata edge; beards white, heavily tipped gold; pronounced sweet fragrance
Silk and Honey TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 35 VE-M No No S. cream deepening to light lemon at midrib; F. cream to creamy white, 1/4" defined lemon edge blending across hafts; beards white tipped bright lemon; slight musky fragrance
Sky Dancing TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 40" EM No No S-icy blue white,deeper blue midrib F-icy white B-white,yellow throat
Skye TB 1988 $5.00 Blyth 37" EM No No Powder blue B-deep blue heavily tipped bronze
Smoke and Thunder TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 38 ML No No S. blended champagne-honey-grey, slight violet infusion at midrib; F. light red-violet blending to violet and champagne toward edge, ¼˝ imprecise edge of grey; beards burnt tangerine; pronounced sweet fragrance
Snow D' Or TB 1991 $5.00 Blyth 34" EM No No S-white,lemon at midrib F-mustard,white down edge of sides B-orange
Sofia TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 34" VE-EM No No S. pure white; F. pastel lemon to muted lemon yellow, 1/4" marginal white band; beards golden yellow, white at end
Sostenique TB 1985 $5.00 Blyth 39" M-ML No No S-apricot-pink F-light violet,deeper edges B-orange-tangerine
Stop Flirting TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 38 ML No No S. beige grey, lavender midrib flush; F. beige grey, vibrant electric violet spreading blaze; beards tangerine orange; ruffled, flared; slight fragrance
Street Dancer TB 1985 $5.00 Blyth 36" E-M No No S-champagne,dusted lilac at midrib F-velvety purple,lavender edge B-tangerine apricot
Street Talk TB 1999 $5.00 Blyth 34" VE No No S.creamy lemon deeper edge;F.citrus yellow,tiny white chevronbelow;B.golden yellow
Strictly Jazz TB 1999 $5.00 Blyth 36" EM No No,~dpr.mdrib;F-navy blue vio,1/8" band,hvy.white striat.1/2down;B-tanger.oran,white base;sl.sw.frag.
Stylist TB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 32" M No No S-bright lilac F-bright silvery lilac B-bright lemon yellow
Sultan's Daughter TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 36" M No No S-biscuit to beige,flushed rose F-plush ruby,lighter edge B-gold,fragrant
Sweet Delight TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 38" ML No No S-peachy pink-apricot,deeper midrib F-creamy,with peachy apricot B-apricot;fragrant
Sweetly Sung TB 2003 $5.00 Blyth 34" ML No No S. blended pinkish grey champagne; F. pinkish grey champagne, lavender blue blaze and wash; beards bright tangerine; heavily ruffled, laced
Taste the Magic TB 2006 $5.00 Blyth 38 EM No No S. oyster creamy white w/ soft peach overlay mdrb, peach veins; F. dp cherry-black w/ 3/16" def.edge of S. color, few white lines@base; v.bright tangerine B
Terse Verse SDB 2000 $5.00 Blyth 14" VE-M No No S. old gold to buff, base deeper with lavender violet flush; F. outer 1/8" yellow band, inner 1/4" blue white area, large brown central area; beards bronze, 3/8" electric violet end; slight sweet fragrance
Timeshift TB 2008 $5.00 Blyth 34 ML No No S. icy lavender-blue, lighter at midrib; F. smooth violet, lavender blended edge, hazed lavender sunburst around lightly burnt tangerine beard; pronounced spicy fragrance
Tomorrow's Child TB 1984 $5.00 Blyth 36" M-ML No No S-pastel pink F-iridescent red violet with pastel pink border B-tangerine red;
Town Clown TB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 34" M-ML No No S-pure white F-mid-blue B-bright tangerine
Tuscan Villa TB 2001 $5.00 Blyth 38" EM No No S. lemon yellow; F. golden yellow; beards mustard; ruffled, laced; pronounced sweet fragrance
Twirl the Kilt TB 2002 $5.00 Blyth 35" M No No S. apricot to apricot tan, rosy midrib flush and infusion; F. champagne buff, rosy overlay becoming wash toward edge leaving definite 1/2" champagne buff edge, slight violet cast below bright tangerine beard; pronounced sweet fragrance
Venetian Queen TB 1986 $5.00 Blyth 38" E-M No No S-pastel orchid lavender beige F-cocoa rose pink B-tangerine red
Village Gossip TB 1995 $5.00 Blyth 36 M No No S-mushroom-champagne,flushed pink F-red-rose burgundy,color of S edge B-tangerine;fragrant
Voodoo Blues TB 1987 $5.00 Blyth 34-35" E-M No No S-light pastel blue,violet influence at midrib F-bishops violet,deeper edge
Waiting For George TB 1997 $5.00 Blyth 36" M No No S-white,rosy pink flush F-cream,ltr.cntr,rosy pink plicata edge B-burnt tangerine;fragrant
Wind Spirit IB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 20" ML No No S-mauve,shot deep violet F-deeper mauve,shot metallic bluish mauve violet B-vibrant tangerine
Winsome Dancer TB 2005 $5.00 Blyth 35 VE-M No No S. softest lavender to white; F. soft pastel blended lavender; beards white, just tipped tangerine; pronounced sweet fragrance
Witching TB 1993 $5.00 Blyth 36" VE-E No No S-sky blue F-blue,overlaid tan,rose tan shading B-violet tipped bronze
Yes TB 1996 $5.00 Blyth 36" VE-EM No No S-pure white F-honey yellow B-vivid tangerine